SR2 / Student Wellness


When students display signs that they may be struggling and deeply hurting, they may need intervention from some one who cares.  Use the A. C. T. model to help when you notice some one displaying signs of depression or suicide. Acknowledge that you are observing signs of suicide (depression, loss of appetite, preoccupation with death, giving things away, and putting ones self in danger) and that you are concerned. Ask the question, "Are you thinking of suicide?" Care, by listening to the issues without casting judgement. Tell some one who can help.  Take the issue seriously and do not keep it a secret. 


SR2 (S - Safe, R - Respect, R - Responsible) is Sierra's acronym to remind students that they are a part of a community and their behavior impacts others both positively and negatively.  SR2 is a part of our positive behavior support system.  This is school wide language that rewards ethical, responsible, and respectful behavior.  We hope that SR2 goes with students when they leave Sierra as a reminder how to be a productive and responsible citizen. Students are explicitly taught how to be SR2 in the hallways, classroom, cafeteria, bathrooms, library, and locker rooms. We use SR2 cards to reward students for exhibiting behaviors valued by the Sierra community.  
Student Wellness

At Sierra, we specifically teach bully prevention and suicide prevention.  This is a combined effort with our health curriculum, advisement classes and law enforcement.  You can expect frequent newsletters, advisement lessons, and student assemblies to teach students what bullying is and how to prevent it and to encourage a united effort to create a safe and inviting environment for all students at Sierra.  

Student Survey

Students please click on the link below and follow the directions in the survey.  This survey is annonymous, so use it to give us feedback on where we are experiencing bullying and how we can improve the social climate of our school.  

Anti Bullying Survey (Click Here)