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Learn about the exciting musical opportunities at Soaring Hawk Elementary, and our great music education program.

Musical Events to look forward to at Soaring Hawk:
(Concerts occur in the SHE Gymnasium unless otherwise noted)

CVEIM Instrument Rental Night- August 28th 6-8pm
Choir Starts- August 30th at 7:40am
CVHS Choral Feeder Festival- October 24th at 7pm @ CVHS Gym
1st Grade Concert- November 5th at 6pm
Fall Band and Orchestra Concert- November 8th at 6pm
2nd Grade Concert- November 15th at 2:30
Orchestra Feeder Concert- December 1st from 8:30am to 12pm @CVHS Gym
Band Feeder Concert- December 1st from 12:30pm to 4:30pm @CVHS Gym
Winter Choir Concert- December 6th at 6pm
5th Grade Concert- December 12th at 6pm
DCSD 6th Grade Honor Choir- TBD
3rd Grade Concert- April 3rd at 6pm
4th Grade Colorado Concert- April 17th at 2:30
Spring Band and Orchestra Concert- April 25th at 6pm
DCSD Principal's Meeting Choir Performance- April TBD
Band and Orchestra Assembly- May 3rd at 2:30
Annie Kids- May 10th at 2:30 and 6pm
Spring Choir Concert- May 16th at 6pm
Band and Orchestra Grand Finale Concert- May TBD
Rockies Choir Performance- April or May TBD
Kindergarten Performance- May 23rd at TBD
6th Grade Continuation Performance- May 24th at TBD

View videos to help students learn recorder songs at home, play online music games and more.

SHE Music Calendar



Music is a Science. It is exact, specific; and it demands exact acoustics. A conductor's full score is a chart, a graph which indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, and harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time. Music is Mathematical. It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time into fractions which must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper. Music is a Foreign Language. Most of the terms are in Italian, German, or French; and the notation is certainly not English but a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas. The semantics of music is the most complete and universal language. Music is History. Music usually reflects the environment and times of its creations, often even the country and/or racial feeling. Music is Physical Education. It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lip, cheek, and facial muscles, in addition to extraordinary control of the diaphragmatic, back, stomach, and chest muscles, which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets. Music is all these things, but most of all, music is Art. It allows a human being to take all these dry, technically boring, but difficult techniques and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science cannot duplicate-humanism, feeling, emotion, call it what you will.

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