Ms. Shannon (Tufts) Wessels

Welcome to Mrs. Wessels' Page at Highlands Ranch High School . . 
FAQ - 
What is your email? 
  • I got married over the summer in 2016. I do not think that works any more. 
  • Make sure you are using  -
Where is the Classroom Information Online Form? 
I missed class - How do I know what I missed?
  • To find out what we are doing go to the class and click on the Daily Schedule. I will tell you what we missed. Then you can ask me if you have specific questions/need to know more information. 
Do you accept late work? 
  • Late Work - 50 % - but will accept most all missing work till the week before finals.  - Except for Teacher Cadet
What is Plagiarism?  
  • As stated in the HRHS student handbook “Do not copy another student’s work. This constitutes cheating. Do not give your work to another student to copy. By doing so, you assist another student to plagiarize or cheat, which violates the Honor Code”

  • If you are caught cheating/copying, they will receive a 0 for that assignment.  The second time, the student will be referred to administration.

    • Other forms of cheating include, but are not limited to;

      • Using unauthorized cheat sheets/cell phones

      • Taking pictures of an exam or worksheet and sharing them

      • Parents/others completing student work at home

ID - Link
Teacher Information
  • - Best way to reach me!
  • Can call/text me at my google voice account -  720.24.TUFTS (720.248.8387) - I have to be logged in to receive so it might take me 24 hours or more to get back to you. 
  • Availability: 
    • During Academic Access
    • Fall 2018 p. 1,  A Lunch and Most Days After School - Please email me first so I can be available/let you know I have a meeting.
    • Spring 2019  p. 1,  p. 4 (either lunch on p. 4 days), A Lunch, and Some Days After School - Please email me first so I can be available/let you know I have a meeting.
  • Schedule Fall 2017
    • p. 1 - Plan/Dept Chair Meeting 
    • p. 2 -  Healthy Decisions
    • p. 3 - Relationships
    • p. 4  -Child Development
    • p. 5 - Healthy Decisions
    • p. 6  - Child Development
    • p. 7 - Relationships
  • Schedule Spring 2018
    • p. 1 - Plan/Dept Chair Meeting 
    • p. 2 -  Child Development
    • p. 3 - Nutrition & Wellness
    • p. 4  - Plan
    • p. 5 - Career Pathways
    • p. 6  - Career Pathways
    • p. 7 - Nutrition & Wellness
  • Background
    • Career & Technical Education Credential in FACS Core, Early Childhood Services, Hospitality & Tourism, Visual and Design Arts. 
    • Post Secondary Credential in Education & Training, Visual and Design Arts, Business. 
    • BS in Family and Consumer Science Education from the University of Wyoming.
      • Mini Student Teaching in a Preschool setting. 
    • MA in Information, Learning and Technology from University of Colorado at Denver. 

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