Welcome to Highlands Ranch High School ESL

I'm Scottie Baer and I have been teaching since 1981.  I have taught ESL, Special Education, and Regular Education.  I earned my B.A. in Psychology and Education at Hood College in Maryland and completed my ESL training at the University of Northern Colorado.  I grew up as an army brat and have moved 22 times.  I have studied French, Spanish, German, and Sign Language and have lived in England and Germany.  My husband is a Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin.  My daughter is an artist and novelist and my son is in the Air Force. I enjoy gardening, reading, hiking, cooking, and keeping track of my cat's hunting exploits.  
Teacher Information
  • Teacher Email Address:
  • Teacher Phone Number: 303-241-8753 (text or live calls)
  • Teacher Schedule/Availability:
    • Period 1 Biology with Ms. Matticks in room 2225
    • Period 2 English, Room 1225
    • Homeroom, Room 1225
    • Period 3 Algebra I with Ms. Sagat in 2350
    • Period 4 Planning in 1225 or 2225
    • Period 5 Earth Science with Ms. Matticks in room 2225
    • Period 6 Planning in 2450
    • Period 7 Co-Planning with Ms. Selb in 2450 or Ms. Sagat in 2350

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