Mrs. Vora's Campground News...

"Don't forget to have FUN!"...

Here is what I know for sure...
I believe in your child!
I recognize your child's uniqueness and talents.
 I am here to listen and support you and your child as they grow and learn...we are a TEAM! 
I believe that mistakes are proof you are trying and learning.
I believe in teaching the whole child.
 I promise that we won't forget to have FUN!

About Mrs. Vora...

My name is Robin Vora and I am honored to be teaching at Eagle Ridge Elementary again this year and look forward to teaching 1st grade! This will be my 22nd year of teaching. I have spent most of my career in the primary grades which I am very passionate about. I have 12 years in 2nd, 1 year in 4th, 5 years in Kindergarten, and 4 years in 1st grade. My favorite thing about teaching the primary grades is that I have the privilege of teaching children the joys of reading, writing, number sense as well as how to be the best little person they can be! I love to see those "light bulb moments" where children learn something new or they have wrestled with a concept and it finally "clicks!" I also believe that mistakes are proof that you are trying and learning. In my classroom,  it is safe to make mistakes as we grow and learn from them in our daily lives. First grade is a big learning year,  not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. I have both an Undergraduate and Masters Degree from Regis University in Curriculum and Instruction with minors in both biology and child psychology.

When I am not teaching, I love to paint and draw, go to the movies, gardening, reading, hiking, travel and working out. I love my family time and I am married and have a 14 year old daughter who is a 9th Grader at Rock Canyon High School!  I love the Broncos, CU Buffs as well as going to concerts! One of my favorite quotes from my grandfather is "Don't Forget to have FUN!" I live by this quote and I promise that we will learn a lot and have FUN doing it! Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!

Robin Vora

Campground Learning from Mrs. Vora...

Spelling Words this week (test on Friday's): 
  1. ran
  2. pack
  3. has
  4. back
  5. cap
  6. sack
  7. had
  8. she
  9. see
  10. pans
Phonics Lesson: We are learning about how animals grow and change. We are combining, science with literacy and phonics learning! This is highly engaging! Learning about the vowels, writing sentences in response to a test and practicing our spelling words.

Writer's Workshop: Student's are enjoying writing in their Writing Journal. We are practicing planing, adding detail and complete sentences throughout.

Reader's Workshop: Student's are learning how to pick out a just right book and all the components of a story like: characters, setting, problem and solution with spooky 

Mathematics: Doubles facts and learning our math facts!

Leader in Me: Habit #1 Being Proactive

Homework (Due back in Homework Folder EVERY FRIDAY so your child can have Friday Fun):
  • Fill in October Reading Log (turn in at the end of the month)
  • Study Spelling Words in Seesaw App
  • Math pages
  • Writing Prompt
  • Study your spelling words (test on Friday)

Birthday's in Mrs. Vora's Class

In Mrs. Vora's class we sing a silly song, are crowned royalty, and receive a birthday gift from Mrs. Vora. This year please NO FOOD or CANDY for treats. We have so many students with allergies and food/dietary restrictions that the food becomes a health issue that can be life-threatening and/or unnecessary tears! Thank you for your understanding! Another option which is TOTALLY OPTIONAL, you may send in fun party favors such as a pencil, eraser, little toy etc. Thank you in advance for your support! 

THANK YOU'S from Mrs. Vora:

  • Thank you for sending your child with 1 snack each day and putting them in your child's backpack!
  • Sending your child with their CHARGED iPad each day!
  • Thank you for sending in a water bottle!
  • Thank you for helping your child get their homework and homework folder back every Friday!
  • Thank you for checking your child's Thursday Folder and celebrating their hard work!
  • Thank you for your support and dedication to your child's learning and to our classroom!

Please stay in-touch!  

My hours are 8am-4:30pm daily and the best way to contact me is through email:   Also, be sure to contact the front office if you are going out of town, change of after-school plans, or your child is ill @ 303-387-7077.