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Bullies Aren’t Okay!!

By special field reporter Cate Duncan

Have you ever gotten bullied by someone bigger than you? Did you go tell a teacher? Or just let them hurt you? It doesn’t feel good at all. You should never get bullied anywhere or anytime. A lot of kids have been bullied before; bullying can happen in elementary, middle school, or even high school. Some people have even been in fights because of bullies. But most bullies just want you to feel bad about yourself, just because they feel bad about them. Some kids have become bullies because they have been bullied in the past. You can help end bullying by not being a bully yourself. If you ever see anyone get bullied, speak up and go tell a teacher.  

How Was Your 14th?


Valentine’s Day is finally here. Many fun parties, suckers, and even creative Valentine’s boxes are seen in every classroom. At Buffalo Ridge, Dream Team sells suckers to give to friends or brothers and sisters in the school. They are delivered on Valentine’s Day to all of the classrooms if anyone in the class bought suckers. It makes kids feel great if a friend or a brother or a sister get them a sucker. If kids want to buy a sucker they just bring money to school and give it to their Dream Team representative and then fill out a sticker that Dream Team puts on a sucker. The suckers taste great too!   

Some of the classrooms make Valentine’s boxes to collect their suckers and valentines. Sometimes there are categories that you enter your box to win in such as humorous, creative, or traditional. There are many fun ways to make your box creative, humorous, or traditional. I have seen vending machines, log cabins, giraffes, and even Oscar the Grouch. If teachers have their class make boxes, they usually have contests. Sometimes one box wins for each category and there is usually one overall winning box.

Almost all of the classrooms in the school have some type of Valentine’s Day party. They could be in the morning or the afternoon. Some classrooms did crafts and others did some sort of game. There is sometimes food to eat at the parties such as candy, cookies, and chocolate dipped fruit. Some classrooms just hang out with their friends and just hand out their valentines. Valentine’s Day is always a blast!  

It’s a Winter Wonderland

by:Sean, Cade, and Jacob

On Christmas Eve a lot of people have a big dinner with friends and family. They hang out, eat rich food, and maybe open some presents. When it is time for the kids to go to bed, they get excited that Santa is coming on Christmas morning.

Some families even have an elf on the shelf. These elves watch you all the time to see if you are behaving. At night, they go to Santa and tell him if you have been good or bad. They hide in a different spot every night for you to find them in the morning. Unless you touch them they will not go to Santa and tell him what they saw.

After going to bed, kids lay waiting to hear just a little noise from Santa and his reindeer. Thinking of a little noise from a sleigh bell keeps many kids awake. Often times, they can't stay awake for long, and finally drift off to sleep.  Kids anticipate waking up to find a big tree with all the presents under it.  Kids all over the world celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah.

On Christmas morning, kids rush to their parents and yell “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!!” As they pull their parents out of bed, they charge down the stairs into their living room to see the tree.

How Was Your 31st?

By: Sean, Cade, and Jacob

So many classrooms had awesome Halloween parties. During these fabulous parties, Buffalo Ridge Elementary was filled with scary monsters, pretty princesses, legos, and so much more. Some people saw pumpkins that had all kinds of decorations on them such as mummies, Sparky from Frankenweenie, Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, and some people even saw Elmo. There are kids who think creative costumes help fill their bags with more candy.

How was your Halloween classroom party? Mrs. Pinke’s class played three games and decorated pumpkin’s. Mrs. Murdock’s classroom made cookies and colored ornaments. Ms. Streich’s class did a relay race with eyeballs and straws. Mrs. Jaramillo’s class made slime and had pretzels, cookies, trail mix, and punch that came from a coldren. Ms. Kennedy’s class took mini pumpkins, drew faces on them, then launched them on the field. Ms. Kennedy’s students earned prizes if they launched their pumpkins the farthest distance.

How much candy did you get? Most people got a whole bag full! There were Hershey’s, Rolo’s, Twix, Snickers, M&M’s, Butterfinger’s, Laffy Taffy and many more tasty treats. Did you do any candy trading? A lot of kids did after they got home from trick or treating. Students brought all the candy they could carry to school the next day.  Halloween this year was a ton of fun, probably the best ever!