Teacher Home Page

I am the new physical education teacher here at Ranch View. I am from Kansas City, Mo and have been living in Colorado since July 2017. I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, and a year later graduated with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. I am married to Mindy Heller who is a school psychologist at Cresthill Middle School. We have a daughter named Ainsley, and she is only 5 months old. I am also the Head Wrestling Coach at Rock Canyon High School. In Kansas City I was a P.E. teacher for 4 years, and worked with the Kansas City Health Department for one year. I have also coached wrestling in several schools in the Kansas City area. 

Just to let everyone know all students will be required to wear the Ranch View uniform. The P.E. uniforms are inexpensive and can be purchased. If you forget your Ranch View clothing you will need to wear the extra Ranch View clothing.

I am on the Tundra team for 7th and 8th grade. 

Please contact me via e-mail at reid.heller@dcsdk12.org