Anne Lane
Post-Grad Specialist

 Located in the Counseling Office

Available during school hours



To Prepare For Your Post-Grad Years,

Follow These Steps in Order Below:

Step 1: Senior Assignments

Step 2: Letters of Recommendation 

Step 3: How to Apply

Step 4: Requesting a Transcript and Forms

Step 5: Financial Aid

Are you a TRHS graduate?  Visit the TRHS Alumni Page!

Transcript requests for Class of 2017 and earlier CLICK HERE

College Admission Reps:

Contact to schedule a 30 minute visit in the TRHS Post Grad Center.

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Counseling Department Deadlines

2018-2019 School Year

Know your college application deadlines and plan accordingly!

Failure to meet department deadlines may result in your materials not reaching prospective college(s) in time.

If your college application deadline is...

Then the last day to request materials

from the Post-Grad Office is...

October 15

September 17 (allowing for Fall Break)

November 1

October 4

November 15

October 25

November 30

November 5

December 1

November 5

December 15

November 26

January 1

December 3 (allowing for Winter Break)

January 15

December 17 (allowing for Winter Break)

February 1

January 11

February 15

January 24

March 1

February 8

March 15  

February 22

April 1 

March 4

April 15

March 25

ACT/SAT Scores and Your Transcript  
 ACT/SAT/AP Scores 


You need to request scores be sent directly from ACT, SAT and/or AP testing centers, to the college(s) to which you are applying.

Please make sure you contact the testing agency in a timely manner so they can process your request to meet college deadlines.

Transcript request forms can be downloaded here
and turned in to Mrs. Lane in the Post-Grad Office.

There is a $1.00 processing fee per transcript.
Fees are payable (cash only) at time of request.

 Alumni (and all former TRHS students)

Request directly from ACT, SAT and/or AP testing agency:

Transcripts for TRHS graduates are only available through
DCSD Student Data & Information Services.

Click here to access the online order form and follow the prompts.

Effective March 11, 2014, in an effort to provide better and more secure service to our alumni, all transcript requests, records requests, background verifications, corporate verifications, corporate information requests and government  agencies must be made ONLINE using our automated student record/information request system.  Fax, phone calls and mail requests will no longer be accepted.

Questions? Please contact Ann Kelling,
TRHS Registrar, at 303-387-2204.