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Kelly Kane, Teacher Librarian and Director of Library Programming
Lisa Hicken, Library Media Tech

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A learning commons is a space that incorporates all the traditional aspects of a library but also provides a flexible space for student learning. When you walk into a learning commons, you'll still see books to check out, but you will also see spaces that can be transformed into several uses.  Classroom teaching areas, collaboration spaces for project-based learning, presentation/performance areas, and other multi-use purposes allow the learning commons to be used in many ways, not simply for research and study.  A space like this helps to facilitate student learning by allowing them to connect (with each other and with the global community), collaborate, create, and achieve

A learning commons can also be used to develop other programs and services for its students.  Musical events, poetry slams, CPR classes, and science experiments are just a few of the ideas floating around currently. 

The Ponderosa High School Library Learning Commons will be undergoing an exciting transformation over the the next few years. You'll see it go from a traditional high school library to a collaborative, busy space where students and staff are learning in new ways, developing their digital citizenship, and honing their information literacy skills. 
Imagine this 

  becoming this: 
or this: 
or this: 

We want your input!  This space belongs to the Ponderosa High School Community.  Please email the teacher librarian at kelly.kane@dcsdk12.org  or the library media tech at lmhicken@dcsdk12.org with any questions, ideas, or concerns!