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Look what we've been doing!

"Jonathon James always had a Whatif Monster hanging around. And he listened to him-What if they giggle?  What if it's hard?  What if it's scary?  But, what if, just once, he didn't listen?  What if he lod the monster to be quiet?  What if he just...tried?"

What a quiet, yet powerful statement Jacqueline Woodson makes as she tells the story of Chloe and her classmates as they shun a new girl who arrives at school ready to make friends.  With her teachers help,chloe learns too late the ripple effect of acts of kindness.  E.B. Lewis' watercolors amplify Woodson's poignant story.

"Once the was a library that opened only at night...  Step inside the Midnight Library and mmet a friendly little librarian and her three assistant owls."

"Most pets, you know, are cats and dogs.  Go out and take a look.  But there's a boy in Smartytown whose pet is...a little book!"

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