Jordan Cash

Position:  Music  

Birthday:   May 23rd

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Tazzo Passion Iced Tea, Caribou

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Anything musical, Harry Potter

Favorite Lunch:  Chick Fil A (sandwich and fries with CFA sauce)

Favorite Restaurants:  Red Robin, Mod Pizza

Favorite Snacks:  cheese

Favorite Beverage:  Diet Dr. Pepper, Turtle Mocha from Caribou

Favorite Free time Activities:  Knitting, crocheting, working out, Netflix

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Target, Starbucks, NHIM

Amber Steffan

Position:  Health and Wellness


Favorite Keurig Flavor:  

Favorite Books/Magazines:  

Favorite Lunch:  

Favorite Restaurants:  

Favorite Snacks:  

Favorite Beverage:  

Favorite Free time Activities:  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  

Brett St. Germain

Position:  Art   

Birthday:  November 16th

Favorite Keurig Flavor: Hazelnut 

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Juxtapoz

Favorite Lunch:  Pizza    

Favorite Restaurants:  Dunkin Donuts

Favorite Snacks:  Granola bars

Favorite Beverage:  Go Fast

Favorite Free time Activities:  Painting, hiking, movies

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Hobby Lobby, Michael's, AMC/Regal Cinemas   


Alex Roberts

Position:  Physical Education  

Birthday:  May 25th 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Regular black coffee

Favorite Books/Magazines:    Men's health, Sports Illustrated

Favorite Lunch:     Chipolte

Favorite Restaurants:   Texas Roadhouse, Outback

Favorite Snacks:     Peanut Butter

Favorite Beverage:    Sweet Tea

Favorite Free time Activities:  Working out, sporting events

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:      Target, Starbucks, Nike, Under Armour