Sixth Grade

Shanna Giraldes

Position:  6th Grade    

Birthday:  June 14th 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Anything with chocolate or caramel 

Favorite Books/Magazines:   Fantasy/SciFi or Gossip mags

Favorite Lunch:  Firehouse subs (sweet and spicy meatball sub) 

Favorite Restaurants:  Armando's, Texas Roadhouse and Chipotle 

Favorite Snacks: nuts and chocolate  

Favorite Beverage:  Coke zero with lime or cherry 

Favorite Free time Activities:  Reading, gardening

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Target, Amazon, book stores, nursery/plant stores 

Ashley Dubois

Position: 6th Grade 

Birthday:    August 23 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:   Dark Roast 

Favorite Books/Magazines:   People 

Favorite Lunch:   Chipotle Steak Burrito Bowl 

Favorite Restaurants:   Portofino's, Anthony's, and Chipotle  

Favorite Snacks:    Salt and Vinegar and BBQ Chips 

Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea   

Favorite Free time Activities:  Yoga, Hiking, Running 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:     Target 

David Kenyon    

Position:  6th Grade   

Birthday:  December 23rd

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Hazelnut

Favorite Books/Magazines:  SciFi, Fantasy

Favorite Lunch:  Firehouse, pizza

Favorite Restaurants:  Wendy's, Chili's 

Favorite Snacks:  M&M's (not plain), Trail Mix   

Favorite Beverage:  Mountain Dew, Gatorade

Favorite Free time Activities:  Ultimate frisbee, video games

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Steam, REI, Starbucks

Kaci Wilson



Favorite Keurig Flavor:   

Favorite Books/Magazines:   

Favorite Lunch:   

Favorite Restaurants:    

Favorite Snacks:    

Favorite Beverage:   

Favorite Free time Activities:  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: