Second Grade

Lindsey White 



Favorite Keurig Flavor:   

Favorite Books/Magazines:   

Favorite Lunch:   

Favorite Restaurants:    

Favorite Snacks:    

Favorite Beverage:   

Favorite Free time Activities:  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:     

Megan Horn

Position:  2nd Grade

Birthday:   October 8th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Starbucks Cold Brew

Favorite Books/Magazines:   Children's Books and People 

Favorite Lunch:   Panera

Favorite Restaurants:   Hacienda, The Rock, Red Robin, The Rio

Favorite Snacks:  Anything chocolate, guac and chips, Sargento break time snacks

Favorite Beverage:  Iced coffee unsweetened from Starbucks, Dr. Pepper

Favorite Free time Activities:   Hiking, Nexflix, shopping 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:   Target, Starbucks, Panera, Lakeshore, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Colorado Store 

Emily Oerter

Position:  2nd Grade

Birthday:   October 9th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Black coffee

Favorite Books/Magazines:   Children's Books

Favorite Lunch:   Qdoba, Chipolte

Favorite Restaurants:   Anything Mexican, Outback Steakhouse

Favorite Snacks:  Trail Mix   

Favorite Beverage:  Coffee

Favorite Free time Activities:   Hiking, working out, volleyball 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:   Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, Dicks, TJ MAxx

Mandie McQueen

Position:  2nd Grade

Birthday:  July 11th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  none

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Children's books

Favorite Lunch:  Firehouse Subs and Panera

Favorite Restaurants:  Red Lobster

Favorite Snacks:  Dark chocolate M&M's

Favorite Beverage:  Diet Mountain Dew and Starbucks

Favorite Free time Activities:  Reading,crafting, skiing

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Starbucks, Targets, Kohls, Amazon