Reading Recovery

Terri Gibbons

Position:  Reading Recovery

Birthday:  July 11th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Hot Chocolate   

Favorite Books/Magazines:  People, O, Bestsellers

Favorite Lunch:  McDonald's (chicken sandwich & french fries), Red Robin, Firehouse Subs 

Favorite Restaurants:  PF Changs, Yolanda's      

Favorite Snacks:  Chocolate, chips

Favorite Beverage: Diet Pepsi     

Favorite Free time Activities:  Watching kid sports, reading 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Target  

Kim Nelson

Position:  Reading Recovery & Literacy

Birthday:  May 6th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Dark Magic

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Decorating Magazines

Favorite Lunch:  Firehouse - Italian Sub   

Favorite Restaurants:  Panera, Texas Roadhouse, most any  

Favorite Snacks:  Chocolate, apricots, Fiber One Brownies 

Favorite Beverage:  Diet Pepsi, Coffee with f.f french vanilla  

Favorite Free time Activities: Reading, spending time with family

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Amazon, Target