Preschool A

Deborah Blake

Position: Preschool classroom teacher

Birthday: August 12

Favorite Keurig Flavor: Hazelnut 

Favorite Books/Magazines: Yoga Journal

Favorite Lunch: turkey sandwich and salad

Favorite Restaurants: Panera, Mad Greens

Favorite Snacks:  chips and salsa, hummus and veggies 

Favorite Beverage: soy latte, iced tea  

Favorite Free time Activities:  hiking, reading, gardening  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Amazon, Target

Alyssa Castillo

Position:  Preschool B - SA

Birthday:   April 22nd

Favorite Keurig Flavor: Dunkin Donuts

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Nicholas Sparks Books

Favorite Lunch:  Chipotle and Costa Vida

Favorite Restaurants:  Chipotle, Starbucks, Costa Vida, and Chick-Fil-A

Favorite Snacks: popcorn, Hot Cheetos, chocolate

Favorite Beverage:  Ice white chocolate mocha

Favorite Free time Activities: shopping and coffee with friends

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, target, and Starbucks

Erin Sakryd

Position: Preschool B - Special Education 

Birthday: February 4th

Favorite Keurig Flavor: French roast

Favorite Books/Magazines: Real Simple, Sunset

Favorite Lunch: Panera

Favorite Restaurants: Mad Greens, Denver Biscuit Company

Favorite Snacks: veggies, mini Reeses, apples, cheese and crackers 

Favorite Beverage:  Ice tea, vanilla latte

Favorite Free time Activities: biking, skiing, traveling, reading

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Nordstroms, Starbucks

Jen May

Position: Preschool B - Speech-Language Pathologist

Birthday: February 6th

Favorite Keurig Flavor: Pete's Major Dickenson Blend

Favorite Books/Magazines: yoga, home organization magazines

Favorite Lunch: Panera or Qdoba

Favorite Restaurants: LYFE Kitchen, Snooze

Favorite Snacks: popcorn, plantain chips   

Favorite Beverage: almond milk latte

Favorite Free time Activities: yoga, hiking, outdoors

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Athleta, Barnes and Noble, Amazon