First Grade

Carrie Brown

Position: 1st Grade

Birthday:  June 15th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Starbucks Sumatra

Favorite Books/Magazines: Non fiction, historical

Favorite Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad

Favorite Restaurants:  Red Robin, Chili's

Favorite Snacks: Babybel Lt, coca flavored almonds

Favorite Beverage:  Skinny Vanilla Latte, Diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite Free time Activities: Running, Movies, Family

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Target, Walmart, King Soopers, Amazon

Meagan Rumney

Position:  1st Grade

Birthday:  December 12th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Children's books

Favorite Lunch:  Panera and Subway

Favorite Restaurants:  P.F. Chang, Chilis, Panera, Noodles & Co., Yard House

Favorite Snacks:  Chocolate anything

Favorite Beverage:  Diet coke or Chai Tea

Favorite Free time Activities:  Movies, hiking, being with family & friends

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Target, Lakeshore, Starbucks, Kohls, Amazon

Grace Selby



Favorite Keurig Flavor:   

Favorite Books/Magazines:   

Favorite Lunch:   

Favorite Restaurants:    

Favorite Snacks:    

Favorite Beverage:   

Favorite Free time Activities:  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:     

Jacquelin Shaw 

Position: 1st Grade 

Birthday:    October 12 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:   Vanilla 

Favorite Books/Magazines:   Classic Books (Little Women, Franken Stein, etc.) 

Favorite Lunch:   PB and J or Chicken Nuggets 

Favorite Restaurants:    Chili's and Starbucks 

Favorite Snacks:    Fruit Snacks and Tootsie Rolls 

Favorite Beverage:   Starbucks and LaCroix 

Favorite Free time Activities:  Reading 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:     Starbucks and Target