Fifth Grade

Erika Wycoff

Position:  5th Grade

Birthday:  March 27th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:   Hazelnut, Vanilla

Favorite Books/Magazines:  Cooking Magazines, mystery books

Favorite Lunch:  Taco Bell, Chipolte, Subs, Salads

Favorite Restaurants:   Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili's  

Favorite Snacks:  Healthy treats, Sonic Drinks    

Favorite Beverage:   Water, Diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite Free time Activities:  Skiing, reading, softball

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  2nd & Charles, Target, Old Navy, Amazon

Tracy Gill


Position:  5th Grade 

Birthday:   November 12th 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Vanilla Caramel

Favorite Books/Magazines:   People and popular fiction 

Favorite Lunch:   Tokyo Jo's, Noodles

Favorite Restaurants: Olive Garden, Applebees   

Favorite Snacks: Chocolate, pub mix, chips

Favorite Beverage: Coke, Coffee  

Favorite Free time Activities:  Movies, reading 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Charming Charlies

Cyndi Kaminski

Position:  5th Grade    

Birthday:  August 9th

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Anything decaf (coffee or tea)

Favorite Books/Magazines: HGTV

Favorite Lunch:  Kneaders, Garbanzo's    

Favorite Restaurants:  Parry's Pizza, Starbucks, Caribou Coffee

Favorite Snacks: Sonic Diet Cherry Sprite, plain chocolate

Favorite Beverage:  Decaf Skinny Mocha, Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi

Favorite Free time Activities:  Reading, gardening, hiking  

Favorite Store for Gift Cards:  Barnes & Noble, Target, 2nd & Charles

 Rachel Courington

Position:  5th Grade 

Birthday:   August 28th 

Favorite Keurig Flavor:  Hot chocolate

Favorite Books/Magazines:   Free Skier

Favorite Lunch:   French fries and Salad

Favorite Restaurants:   Starbucks & Chick Fil A

Favorite Snacks: Fruits and veggies

Favorite Beverage: Fruity Tea  

Favorite Free time Activities:   Skiing 

Favorite Store for Gift Cards: Target, Athleta, LuLuemon