Prairie Crossing Educational Alliance

What is PCEA?

PCEA is the Prairie Crossing parent association, similar to a PTA or PTO.   PCEA is a local self-governing unit whose main purpose is to promote the welfare of children and youth in the home, school and community. The PCEA will strive to enhance the school's mission to help families realize their children's social, creative, and intellectual development.  

PCEA is comprised of parents, staff and community members who work together to enrich our students' experiences and to identify the needs of our school. Through fundraising we are able to provide supplemental supplies and resources as well as sponsor social activities. These resources will be directed toward educationally focused goals that address the needs of students, staff, parents, and community.

PCEA is a Chapter of the Douglas County Educational Foundation

PCEA Objectives
  • To provide a structure whereby the community can collaborate for the best interests of the students.

  • To broaden the child’s school experience through sponsorship of community events, service learning, and enhanced learning opportunities.

  • To organize fundraising projects that support the school community.

  • To provide opportunities for parents and interested community members to participate in the school.

  • To promote PCE and PCEA to the community at large.


How does PCEA Fundraise?

All of the fundraising efforts come through the parents and the students.  PCEA coordinates various events and activities.

 Box Tops

Restaurant Nights

Annual Fundraising Events

One-time Donations


What does PCEA do with the funds raised?

PCEA is committed to giving back at least 80% of all funds donated directly back to the school and the students in the school year they were donated.


A majority of those funds go directly to Teacher Grants, but are also used to sponsor social activities and providing supplemental supplies and resources throughout the year.

 Teacher Grants

Staff Meals

Staff Appreciation Week   

What other community events does PCEA sponsor?

 Dads and Donuts

Mornings with Mom

Daddy Daughter Dance

Spirit Wear

2016-2017 PCEA Board

Amy Rickards

Vice President
Sara Willoughby

Immediate Past President
Stacey Perlet

Aimee Schwartz

Andrea Guntren Nelson

Join us in welcoming our new board members 
for the 2017-2018 school year! 

Brook Fresh

Vice President 
Marla Stickley

How do I find out more information and get involved?


PCEA holds a monthly meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the library.

All parents and community members are encouraged to attend.


This is an excellent opportunity to stay up to date on what is happening at the school, in the district and in the community.  This is not just about volunteering!  Every meeting concludes with the Principals Report and provides valuable time and insight from Principle Carrie Rotherham. Please join us with questions, ideas and concerns.   

 If you are unable to attend the monthly meeting, feel free to reach out to members of the board at any time.  


PCEA is excited to announce we have used donation money collected in the 2016/2017 school year to  grant PCE $26,000.  The money will be used for:

 $15K for an electronic sign outside the school to replace the old marque

 $10K to be used toward new playground equipment

 $1K to be used toward the purchase of a new laminator

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this amazing number of funds to help PCEA achieve their goal of enriching our students experience and resources!

 Restaurant Night Schedule
Please join us throughout the year at our different community partner establishments where 
a portion of the proceeds are donated directly back to our school.

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May Birthday's

Karina Wood - May 8th 
Grace Selby - May 9th
Beth Marafoite - May 10th
Stacey Perlet - May 11th
Debbie Blair - May 15th 
Ginni Choquette - May 23rd
Alex Roberts - May 25th 
Jen Kendall - May 26th 
Angela Tucker - May 27th 
Linda Siefford - May 30th 
Sheri Hernandez - May 31st 

Summer Birthday's

Shanna Giraldes - June 14th 
Carrie Brown - June 15th 
Mandie McQueen - July 11th 
Bridget Gegg - July 16th
Kathy Klancic - August 5th
Maureen Zelle - August 8th
Cyndi Kaminski - August 9th 
Jon Burnham - August 15th
Tammy McWhorter - August 19th