Hi, I'm Mr. Parliment (or Mr. P, if you prefer). This is my third year at Mountain Vista and I am teaching AP physics C and AP Physics 1. I received my bachelor's degree in biochemistry at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the Spring of 2014 and my master's degree in education from Colorado State University, Fort Collins in the Summer of 2015. I enjoy hiking, camping video/board games, live music and martial arts (although I haven't found a Krav Maga studio in town yet). I host the D&D club and anime club, so let me know if you are interested in either. My schedule is as follows.

 Period Course Room Number
 AP Physics 1
 2 AP Physics CL417
 3PlanningL414 (office)
 4AP Physics 1L413

 5AP Physics 1L413

 6 PlanningL414 (office)

 7 AP Physics C L417

 Advisement   Advisement    

Please set an appointment before finding me during a planning period when possible. My school email is ajparliment@dcsdk12.org.