Why Mandarin?

Chinese is a wonderful language to learn and can really help broaden your child’s horizons. In fact, knowing a second language can help your children throughout their entire lives – in school, college and as they’re starting their own careers. Below, I’ll explore different aspects of Chinese and bi-lingual children.

Children Can Learn More Easily

It’s a fact that children can learn a second or third language more easily than adults can. Their brains are like sponges, able to soak up information easily and retain it very well. Teaching your child Chinese is a wonderful thing to do for them and can help them in all avenues of their lives. Waiting until your child is old enough to learn the language on their own could make it much more difficult for them.

Methods for Teaching Children Chinese

Children learn best when all of their senses are utilized in the learning process. If they can see a picture as they hear the word, or if they’re able to watch movies and hear songs in Chinese, they’ll learn the language more easily. There are numerous methods for teaching Children to speak Chinese – including:

  • Audio Tapes – This can help your child learn to say each word correctly and to pronounce effectively. As your child hears what the instructor on the audio recording is saying, they can mimic him/her and learn the correct pronunciation in this way. This is a great choice for teaching kids to speak Chinese.
  • Videos and Songs – Things that are fun for your children to watch can certainly help them learn Chinese more efficiently. If your child is having a good time learning, they won’t even realize that they’re working so hard. There are numerous programs which can help your child learn through the use of fun videos and songs.
  • Computer Programs – There are plenty of sites that focus on learning Chinese online, this allows the child to view the images and hear the sounds via the computer. This is a very effective way for your child to learn Chinese, and it can be fun for them as well.
  • Chinese Instructor – You could go another route and hire an instructor to teach your child Chinese. It may not be the least expensive route, but it can certainly help for your child to get immediate feedback as they learn to speak Chinese. It can also be a great way for your child to communicate and learn fluent Chinese.

Why Teach My Child Chinese?

Many people choose to teach their children Chinese because of cultural backgrounds, an admiration for the beautiful culture and traditions of the Chinese people, or simply to broaden the children’s horizons and make avenues open to them that otherwise wouldn’t be. There are certainly a number of benefits to teaching your child Chinese and giving them the gift of knowing another language. Spend some time thinking about the different methods and researching programs you think will be helpful to teach your child this wondrous and beautiful language.