UPCOMING EVENTS ... regarding Registration

  •  * February 9...      Online elective course registration for current 6th graders coming to MRMS are due
  •  * February 17th - 23rd   Current 7th graders at MRMS begin their elective choice registration
        • Counselors will visit each 7th grade team during this time to hand out forms and give instructions
  •   March 2nd         Online elective choice registration closes
        • last day to turn in parent signed elective course forms for current 7th graders
  •   April / May         Dates to be determined, check MRMS website for events and dates

Need information on all of our courses ?    Click here for our Parent Guide.

*  Please make sure that you have:

  1.        filled out the Course Preference Sheet
  2.        signed the Course Preference Sheet
  3.        Completed the on-line elective registration (through your parent portal)
  4.        Turned in the parent signed Course Preference Sheet
    1. to your students 6th grade teacher if in feeder area
    2. to Mountain Ridge if your students does not currently attend one of our feeder elementary schools  (scan and email:    or    Fax   303-387-1818 )

When Registering on line you will need 4 semesters of electives as Requested and 2 to 6 semester electives as an Alternate  see examples below.

Example 1:     Requested Electives     Spanish A (= 2); Band ( = 2)

                       Alternate electives        choose 6

Example 2      Requested Electives      French A (= 2); multi media; music lab

                       Alternate electives         choose 4

Example 3      Requested Electives      Art, Family & Consumer; Intro to E Pub; Technology Ed

                       Alternate electives        choose 2