4th Grade Information

School Day: 9:10am-4:00pm

Line-Up: blacktop on the playground (right outside the door). 


Walkers- If you are picking up your child, please meet your child on the blacktop where the playground is (not at the flagpole). 

Kiss 'N' Go- Your child will be lined up by the flagpole and called to your car. Please display your green sign on your dashboard. 

School Breakfast: If your child is eating school breakfast, they may enter the front doors at 9:00am. 

Snack: Please send a healthy snack with your child each day and encourage your child to bring in a water bottle. 

Communication: The best way to communicate with me is via

email: tzivojinovic@dcsdk12.org

You can also write notes and send them with your child in the morning. If you need to call before or after school, contact the front office (303) 387- 5900 and they can transfer you to my room. 


-Expect homework Monday-Thursday.

-Reading is very important in a child's academic success. It is expected that your child read 20 to 25 minutes every night Monday-Thursday. 

-Completion and quality of homework is part of the overall grade.

-Signing your child’s planner every night is a part of their homework too. This is a great way to review what your child has for homework that night. It’s also a place where you can write any quick notes that I need to see.

-Math homework is expected on most nights as well. 

-Students who come to school with incomplete homework will spend their brain break in Study Hall. 

Thursday folders: Please look over any papers that come home in Thursday folders. This is where I return students' graded work and any news or updates at school are also in the folder. Have your student return their folder to school on Fridays. 

Behavior: Fourth graders will use a color system to monitor behavior. 

Green: Good Bison Strong Choices

Yellow: Warning

Orange: Miss Recess

Red: Contact parents and correction slip.

Attendance: It is very important that your child is present and ready to go at school. I ask that, when you can, to schedule appointments for outside school hours. Most work that they miss cannot be made up. If your child will be gone during the school day I would greatly appreciate being notified.   

Specials: Our specials are assigned on a rotating schedule. 

A days: Technology

B days: Health

C days: Art

D days: Music

E days: P.E.

Other Reminders: 

-Having multiplication facts memorized is essential to be successful in other areas of math.  Please make sure your child has mastered their math facts.

-Students should dress appropriately for the weather, as they will go outside on most days.

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