Welcome to Miss Nichols' Class Website!

SEMESTER 2 GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES (Parents if you'd like to join email Miss Nichols for details!): 

    • P1 - nhn9hiz

    • P2 - mlikfv

    • P3 - 450gjz

    • P4 - dyk0mg

Students, please take a minute to explore the website.  You will notice there is not 

too much uploaded here.  We will primarily use Google Classroom! You can find your class codes using the "Resources" page! Parents, please contact me with any questions.  

Schedule:                                                         Do you need to contact me?
Period 1:   English I Rm. 316                                                 aknichols@dcsdk12.org
Period 2:   English I Rm. 316                                            
Period 3:  English I Rm. 316   
Period 4:  English I Rm. 316
Period 5: OFF
Period 6:  OFF
Period 7:  Honors English I Rm. 311