What will you gain from taking ePub/creative writing, world cultures, yearbook?


  You are encouraged to be yourself as a writer, thinker and reflector in this class. 

 I'll support you while you grow and try new styles and techniques this year.

I'll help you push your own limits.

 If you're worried that you're not a good enough writer to be in this class, let me assure you that's not true. You'll be fine. To be part of this class, you just have to have an open mind and be willing to make mistakes and grow. 

Not sure how to grow as a writer because you already rock? I'll coach you. I'm more interested in letting you try things that are interesting so you know your strengths and writing dislikes. You'll have a license to create what you want to accomplish and you'll become an even stronger writer.

Exploring Cultures

What is Exploring World Cultures?

Exploring World Cultures is a course that explores the idea that everyone has a culture. You will learn that culture shapes how we see the world, others and ourselves. This class will explore the components of culture in a fun, creative way.  Students will identify one’s own culture and how it relates to an increasingly diverse society. Students will walk away with strategies to assist in the better understanding of themselves with the goal of being able to show gratitude and empathy toward others.

Is there a textbook?

No. We use a variety of lessons from the Peace Corp Guide for teens, Educating the Heart (lessons of respect for ourselves and others), Wonder by RJ Palacio, ABC’s What would you do? series as well as several topical movies about diversity, choices, and culture.

How can I help my student at home?

The best thing you can do for your student in this class and often the most difficult at this age level is to ask them about it and participate with them when they bring home questions or projects.

What is the grading policy?

Content Knowledge: In Exploring World Culture, students are assessed on class discussions, personal reflections and projects.

Work Habits: Students are assessed on  behavior, participation and group work.


This class is application only. We work all year to create our Mountain Ridge story. We'll become a close group this year. Lots of talks... and a better understanding once we meet in class. Can't wait.