Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him

and calls the adventure Science.

Edwin Powell Hubble

There is one quality that characterizes all of us who deal with the sciences of the earth and its life -

we are never bored.

Rachel Carson

(American marine biologist, nature writer, and environmentalist)
Jody Lanterna-Lewis
Applied Biology
Honors Biology
Anatomy & Physiology
Science Department Chair
 “You forfeit your chance for life at its fullest when you withhold your best effort in learning.
When you give only the minimum to learning, you receive only the minimum in return.
Even with your parents’ best example and your teachers’ best efforts,
in the end it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn.
When you work to your full capacity,
you can hope to attain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to create your future and control your destiny.
If you do not, you will have your future thrust upon you by others.
Take hold of your life, apply your gifts and talents, work with dedication and self-discipline.
Have high expectations of yourself and convert every challenge into an opportunity."
from the National Commission on Excellence in Education
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