Dear Families,

We are in the final preparations for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Here are some important dates and reminders as the show approaches.

-By now all students should have all lines memorized! Some students are struggling with the final scenes, please help them review each night.

-Friday, April 24: All students bring costumes to school. We will take a cast picture in this day.

- Beginning Wednesday, April 24, rehearsals will take place in the Gym starting at 8:40 each morning.

- May 1st and 2nd: We will have full dress rehearsals the mornings of May 1st and May 2nd

-May 2: Students should arrive at school at 6:15. Please make sure your child has had dinner before this time. Students will put on their costumes at school. The show will start at 7:00 pm. There will be one intermission about halfway through the show.


Our w build/paint day is coming up on April 13. Sign up using this link.

Have a great weekend!

March 26 Update

Please see the flyer attached to my most recent email for a presentation by Kate Batchel. I have had the opportunity to see her at CAGT, and she is well worth the while, especially if you have kiddos with social-emotional sensitivities.

Also, we will be presenting our Theater for Youth plays on Thursday at 11:20 in the classroom. I know this is short notice for those of you who want to attend, the blizzard just threw us for a loop! There will be 4 plays, about 10 minutes each, which were created collaboratively with Mountain Vista High School advanced theater students. To clarify some confusion, these plays are not related to our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Finally, in regard to the Volunteer form for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it was brought to my attention that there were some problems with the form. I believe they are all fixed now. While we have asked volunteers to click all availability, be assured that we would communicate with you before creating a final schedule, and we would not expect any parent to be here every day. We are trying to get a feel for what days work best for most parents. For committee leads, we would ask for a day or two a week, depending on the committee. All help is appreciated!

Let me know if you have any questions!

March 25 Update

We are excited to begin preparing for the 2019 Discovery play! In order to make the play a success, we are in need of many parent volunteers. Duties range from large to small, and may involve working with children during the school day or on weekends, or involve shopping or building. Possibilities include:

Leading student committees two or more times per week (requires availability during the school day, between 11:00 and 12:25)

Shopping for supplies/props

Sewing costumes

Building (may need experience with some tools, would require weekend availability)

Painting (may require weekend availability) Helping with tear-down after the show (March 3 during the school day) The list may grow as we approach the date of our final play. Please indicate your availability/interest using the form linked below.

March 4, 2019


Students engaged in a "reader's theater" style reading of Charlie and the Chocolate factory play. Auditions will be held next Monday and Tuesday.


We have been engaged in writing projects linked to the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Students write persuasive paragraphs advertising their own imaginary candy. They also wrote paragraphs supporting a stance on the benefits or draw backs of television.


I have asked students to spend 25 minutes on the IXL diagnostic for homework this week. This will help to target skills that students need to practice.

Theater for Youth

Children will spend this week finalizing their scripts and engaging in their final group practice. We will have a very informal presentation of the plays on Wednesday, March 13. Performances will begin around 11:50 in the classroom. Please feel free to join us!

State Testing

Annual CMAS English Language Arts, Math, and Science testing is approaching! The CMAS testing window is open April 8 to April 26. Please visit this link for details about the testing schedule in the building.

February 23, 2019


There is no homework this week in order to allow your child more time to participate in the read-a-thon! Information came home in last week's Thursday Folders. Let me know if you need additional forms!

Our very first read-a-thon begin on Monday, February 25th.

This is going to be a fun event to get kids motivated to read and also a wonderful way to support Northridge! Please help us reach annual fundraising goal of $48,000, which go towards our students, staff, and teachers.

State Testing

Annual CMAS English Language Arts, Math, and Science testing is approaching! The CMAS testing window is open April 8 to April 26. Please visit this link for details about the testing schedule in the building.


Next week we will be finishing the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Students have been working in mixed grade literature circles with the 6th grade Discovery class. At the end of the week we will read the play and compare and contrast the two texts. We will be distributing audition materials on Monday for students interested in auditioning for this spring's performance of the play.


We began pre-writing essays about "pet peeves". We are exploring the use of humor in persuasion. We will draft and revise our essays this week.

Theater for Youth

This week the Mountain Vista students led the class in some energizing theater games. They then met with their students in small groups to begin developing story lines and improvising lines for the plays they will be writing. I am very impressed with the skill, patience, and humor of these young men and women demonstrate in their work with our students. The 5th graders are very engaged and excited about this project!

On that note, Mountain Vista High School will be performing The Sound of Music this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Many of the students who have been working with our kids will be performing. Visit this link to purchase tickets and support our young Thespians!

Social Studies

Students are learning about important figures in the American Revolution. They participated in an activity to illustrate the importance of spies in the Revolutionary war.

Mental Health

This week we engaged in an activity around social psychology. We discussed "in groups" and "out groups", and how we can notice and manage the interactions between groups.

February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day

We will be watching a movie and having snacks for Valentine's day. Students have the option of bringing Valentines to exchange, but it is not required. If a child does elect to bring valentines, they are required to bring one for every student in the class. A class list of names will come home in Thursday Folders today.


Please be sure your child checks the homework tab for their IXL assignment.


Next week we will be pairing with 6th grade Discovery to read the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. They will participate in mixed grade literature circles to discuss and analyze the book.


As we continue our study of Colonial and Revolutionary times, students will engage in creative and research writing on topics surrounding the revolution.

Social Studies

We are learning about the social, philosophical, and political events leading the colonists to revolt against the British government.

Mental Health

This week we played a game called "collaborative numbers" Students identified skills necessary to work collaboratively.

January 30, 2019


Today!Come see all the amazing STEM projects from 5:30-7:30. There will be prizes and a science scavenger hunt.


In order to further differentiate math homework, students will be assigned IXL homework according to their math groups. Children will write their IXL assignment in planners, and it will be posted on the website.


Students are reading one of four novels and engaging in literature circle discussions about the books. They are comparing and contrasting the novels to The Secret Garden. In addition, we have been reading and analyzing Japanese folktales.


We are working to elevate our persuasive essays by improving our introductions. We can do this by starting with interesting information about the topic, asking a question, quoting someone, or sharing an experience. We will be learning other ways to elevate our essays each week. We will also be working on play writing; see below for more information!

Theater for Youth

Beginning next Thursday, and every Thursday until spring break, I will be collaborating with the Mountain Vista High School theater teacher, Jeremy Goldson, and his advanced theater students. The high school students will work with Discovery 5th graders to teach them about story structure, write scripts, and perform. This will be great preparation for our own theater production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this spring!

Social Studies

Students have each studied one of the Thirteen Colonies. They created travel brochures and compared and contrasted their colony with one other. They have also been learning the locations of colonies on a map as well as which colonies are the Southern, Middle, and New England Colonies

Mental Health

We have finished a unit on mindfulness and will spend the remainder of the quarter on self-awareness. Today, we talked about 4 elements of self-awareness :

1. Identifying feelings,

2. Understanding why we feel/act the way we do

3. Identifying what we could do in a given situation

4. Understanding our moods and thoughts.

Students were then paired up and given scenarios to discuss and then act out. They were to demonstrate how a character was feeling, and how that character could use self awareness to behave in an expected, rather than an unexpected, way.

Discovery Play

As many of you know, it is a tradition for 5th and 6th grade Discovery to collaborate to plan, stage and perform a play at the end of the year. This year the students will be performing Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In order for you to plan, we wanted to get some important dates and other information to you.

This year, we will have one combined 5th and 6th grade cast and a single performance. Ms. McFarland and Ms. Huffman will be responsible for casting the play and assigning responsibilities. The expectation is that all students will participate in the play in some way. If for any reason your child will not be able to be present at the evening performance on May 2nd, please let us know so we can make appropriate assignments.

Beginning the week after spring break, we will be using the English Language Arts blocks for rehearsals. All other academic blocks will remain the same. We may shift the time of our academic blocks, but the same amount of time will be allotted to other subjects.

We will be sending out a form with parent/volunteer needs in the coming weeks.

While all students may have speaking parts, if your child is not interested in a larger role they will not be required to audition. Students who choose not to audition may be assigned a lesser role.

Important Dates:

February 25: Audition materials distributed

March 11 and 12: Auditions

March 13: Callbacks if necessary

March 14: Cast list announced and scripts distributed

May 1: Last day of rehearsals

May 2: School Performance am, Evening performance 7:00 pm


Ms. Huffman and Ms. McFarland

January 8, 2019

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your break. I had the trip of a lifetime, visiting Egypt with my family. The students have expressed great interest in hearing about my trip, so I will be sharing pictures and experiences with interested children this Friday during lunch. If your child wants to join me, please send them with a sack lunch on Friday.


We will complete unit on area of a circle this week. Beginning next week, we will return to Math in Focus, book A.


This week students are reading and analyzing African American poetry and learning about the Harlem Renaissance. We will focus in particular on the writing and life of Langston Hughes.


We are continuing to write persuasive essays, this week focusing on standards of reasoning in order to strengthen our arguments.

Social Studies

Your child is engaged in a special social studies unit called Building a New System: Colonial America 1607-1763. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of high ability students. The goals of the unit are as follows:

  • Goal 1-To teach the concept of systems and to promote understanding of structure, function, and pattern as key elements.
  • Goal 2- To develop reasoning skills with application to social studies
  • Gaol 3-to develop interpersonal and social group processing skills.
  • Goal 4-to develop skills in historical analysis and primary source interpretation.
  • Goal 5-To develop understanding of the colonial period in American history, with emphasis on the political, economic, and social systems that defined the early English settlements

To help us meet these goals, we will be examining maps, documents, and other resources. We will discuss the ideas we discover in class and complete several projects to demonstrate new understanding. Students will participate in critical and creative writing activities, group and individual research efforts, and independent reading of historical fiction and non fiction materials. Specifically, we will look for insight into the concept of systems.

December 13, 2018


Students have taken their Board Exams and Physiology tests. All medical clinics saw their first patient and created a presentation for the class about their patient, their diagnosis, and recommendations to the class. Next week students will research medical breakthroughs.

Science Fair

I look forward to seeing all Stem Fair boards on Monday Dec. 17! I will keep them at school until the Science Fair on January 31!

Reading and Writing

Students are finishing up the novel Secret Garden. We will watch the movie on the last day before break, and compare and contrast the book and the movie. We have also been reading and analyzing poems and art by hispanic authors, and writing persuasive essays.


All students completed a brief geometry unit. They learned area of a triangle, trapezoid, and parallelogram. We also reviewed volume of prisms. There is no final test for this unit, students were evaluated on class work. We will resume geometry when we return with area of a circle.

Team Up Lessons

This week your child had a Life Skills lesson around vaping, refusal techniques and the effects on the lungs.

Your child learned what vaping means and the harmful physical effects; practiced refusal techniques; and the effects of vaping and other tobacco products on the lungs by participating in a pig lung demonstration.

If you would like more information, these are available from your teacher Tobacco Tips for Teens

Winter Party

Winter Parties

Our winter party will be on the last day of school, December 20, at 1:05 to 2:00.

November 28, 2018

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the week's hard to believe there are just 3 weeks until winter break!

Young Ameritowne

Students had a wonderful time at Young Ameritowne. Many told me that it was the best field trip ever! This week their Ameritowne workbooks and checkbooks will come home in Thursday folders. As this unit makes up the bulk of their financial literacy grade, I did give students who scored less than a "3" on their checkbook the opportunity to improve their score with a test. These will also be in Thursday folders.


We will be wrapping up the semester with a unit on body systems. We are engaged in an interact simulation titiled "Code Blue". Students are grouped into "Medical Clinics", and each student in the clinic has a different specialty. Currently students are studying their specialty and will take the Board Examination in their area of expertise. They will then return to their Medial Clinic and teach (and learn from) the other members of the clinic. Following this they will all need to pass a Physiology Test before the see their first patient. The children are very engaged and excited about this unit!

Science Fair

At this point I have seen all student's science fair proposals. Science fair boards are due December 17! Please check in with your student and make sure they are on a parent myself I know the misery of procrastination and late night panic finishing up science fair projects! Don't let this happen to you!

Reading and Writing

We have started a new unit in reading and writing. Students are all reading the novel The Secret Garden and other literature. The unit is organized around the concept of change and is designed specifically to meet the needs of high ability students. Throughout the unit students will develop analytical and interpretive skills in literature, persuasive writing skills, linguistic competency, listening and oral communication skills, reasoning skills, and to understand the concept of change.


All students are finishing up their current unit in 6th grade Math in Focus. Next week, we will divert from the sequence of the Math in Focus curriculum and spend the remainder of the semester on a geometry unit.

Team Up Lessons

This week your child’s Life Skills lesson was on Self-Esteem. Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself. When students are feeling good about themselves it directly reflects on their behavior. They are more likely to be kind, caring and respectful when they have good self-esteem. We also talked about that we don’t always have high self-esteem every day and how that this is normal and a part of life and learning.Your child had an activity with a coffee filter which showed them that positive feelings and positive self talk will overcome negative feelings about themselves. Ask your child about this activity and about self-esteem. Remembering that feeling loved and supported (and being able to offer love and support in return) is a wonderful way to start increasing self-esteem. ( Here is a 3 minute video on Self-Esteem in children:

The week before Thanksgiving your child had a lesson today on Being an Upstander (a person who acts to make a positive change). They have learned the definition of Peer Pressure and were given refusal techniques to help them decide what is the right decision to make for themselves. Ask your student to share their favorite refusal technique.

Also discussed was the Safe-2-Tell program. This program was designed to anonymously get help for you or someone else. Review tattling (just to get someone in trouble) vs telling (reporting) so students know when it is ok to report.

Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community. Anonymous means your identity is unknown.

1-877-542-7233 (SAFE).

Winter Parties

Our winter party will be on the last day of school, December 20, at 1:05 to 2:00. Watch for communication from our fabulous room parent!

November 16, 2018

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving break! Students have no homework over break, unless they would like to use the time to work on their STEM fair projects.


Project rubrics came home in this week's Thursday Folder. Projects are due December 17. Students will present their projects to the class at this time. The STEM fair is January 31. Students will present their projects during the day, and the fair will be open for visitors from 5:30-7:30.


November 1, 2018

Young Ameritowne

Students are working hard preparing for our field trip to Young AmeriTowne on November 15. Please register through MySchoolBucks if you have not yet done so. Students have applied for jobs in the Towne and we held elections for Mayor and Judge. We will make job announcements early next week. As we assign jobs, please help your children to understand that in order for the Towne to run smoothly, all 90 job positions must be filled; many students will not have the jobs that were their preferred choice. The 5th grade teachers are working hard to place students in positions in which they will be successful.

Stem Fair

On Friday students will be introduced to STEM Fair - information will be sent home with each student in their homework folder.

Election Day

November 6. No School for Students, professional development for teachers.

Thursday Folders and Planners

Please be sure to check Thursday folders for graded assignments and other information. Students turn their planners in to me on Thursdays, and I will note whether homework was completed and return them to the students on Fridays. Please check planners every Friday to see if homework was complete, and to see the homework assignments for the next week.


Students have just completed a Fantasy Genre study. All children read one of the following novels: Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit, or Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. We spent this week reading the Junior Great Books story Ghost Cat.


We are studying the academic essay using Essay Voyage by Michael Clay Thompson. Students are learning the three parts of an essay: Introduction, body, and conclusion. Students are writing may essays of varying lengths in order to practice correct structure.


In the coming week, students will be studying ratio, and then rates (Chapters 4 and 5 of Math in Focus).

November 19-23 - Thanksgiving Break

October 18, 2018

Dear Families,

We have had a very busy week back from Fall break, and the weeks ahead will be just as busy! Please read this entire newsletter carefully for important information about fall parties, fall festival, our Ameritowne field trip, and more!

Team UP!

We are pleased to be partnering with the DCSD Health, Wellness and Prevention Department. Our partnership will consist of five lessons with guest instructors from Team UP.

The lesson dates/topics are:

October 18 Kindness

November 1 Diversity and Acceptance

November 14 Being an Upstander

November 29 Self-Esteem

December 13 Anti-Tobacco

Parent Communication from our Team UP Lesson this week:

This week your child’s Life Skills lesson presented by the DCSD team was around the topic of empathy and kindness. Empathy is the is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling or to understand the situation they are in. Students who are empathetic can create a culture of kindness and caring at school. Empathy is not only a way of thinking, but a behavior. For students to be seen as empathic, they need to learn to show that they understand and share another’s feelings. Kids who are more empathetic tend to be more confident and less aggressive. (Lively) This week in class they will be partaking in an activity “Someone Else’s Shoes” to practice and acknowledge empathy. Please ask them about this activity. We will also be discussing how empathy and kindness are related.

As a parent, here are some simple ways to show kindness to your tween. In addition, here are some resources and videos to support this conversation at home.

How Parents Can Cultivate Empathy in Children

14 Ways to Encourage Kindness

The Kindness Scientist

Fall Festival is October 27!

Purchase Wristbands in advance by Tuesday, October 23rd at My School Bucks

Wristbands Needed for All Activities

Advance Price $15.00 for 1st Child

$10.00 for additional wristband

$40.00 Cap per family

Deadline for advance wristbands is Tuesday October 24th

Price at the door $20.00 per wristband

When: Friday, October 26th

What: Fifth Grade hosts the ‘Cake Walk’

Where: Northridge Gym

When: 5:00 - 8:00pm

Parents - We need your assistance!

We are asking that each fifth grade student bring in baked goods and/or a bag of individually wrapped candy on Friday, October 26th. The baked goods could include cookies, brownies, cupcakes, dessert bars...etc. If possible, please individually wrap the baked good items in plastic wrap or decorated/themed baggies.

Each child who participates in the ‘Cake Walk’ will receive a piece of the donated candy upon the conclusion of the game so we need plenty of donations to last the whole event!

Thanks for your support! - The Fifth Grade Teachers

Stem Fair

Northridge Elementary school will hold a STEM Fair on January 31st, 2019. Each student in the 5th grade will participate in the STEM Fair to meet the objectives of our science curriculum. The purpose of the STEM Fair is to encourage students to develop a greater interest and awareness of science and technology and to develop skills in critical thinking, research, and problem-solving. Our goal is for each fifth grade student to complete his/her project prior to winter break. The students will each be provided with a STEM Fair project packet which will guide them through their STEM Fair project step-by-step. We will "Launch" the fair on November 1.

Important Dates:

October 26th -

Classroom Halloween Parade (8:45am) and Party (following the parade). Our class parties will consist of the students enjoying their treats and watching the movie Hoot. Permission slips are coming home this afternoon in your child’s Thursday folder.

Fall Festival 5-8pm

November 1st - Introduction to STEM Fair - information will be sent home with each 5th grader in their Thursday folder.

November 6th - No School for Students

(Election Day)

November 15th - 5th Grade Field Trip to Ameritowne. Register through MySchoolBucks.

November 19-23 - Thanksgiving Break

September 25, 2018


I look forward to seeing you at Parent Teacher conferences next week. If you have not signed up yet, please do so at this link.

Advanced Learning Plans

We are in the process of creating Advanced Learning Plans. Plans will be complete this week and discussed at parent/teacher conferences.


The first quarter electives will end at fall break. Children will be selecting their next electives during class this week.


Students have been focusing on written responses to reading and on non-fiction text structures. Students have been reading articles form Scholastic News and stories from Junior Great Books.


We are wrapping up a unit on personal narratives. When we return from break, children will begin a study of persuasive writing.


As students complete math tests, we work together on an error analysis. You will see both come home in Thursday Folders. Please be sure to check Thursday Folders each week.

Social Studies

The Explorers unit is coming to a close. Children have learned about the reasons for exploration, the accomplishments of explorers, and the impacts of exploration on the indigenous people of the New World.

September 7, 2018

Auction Items

We will have our first Auction this Friday. I need some donations of gently used toys, games, books, etc. for the students to bid on. Students keep checkbooks in class and "earn" money for doing the right thing, and are "fined" for violations such as excessive noise or missing work. The auction is an opportunity for them to "spend" some of their hard-earned money, and learn a bit about economics as well! You can send items in with your child.


Reading and Math IReady reports were sent home in Thursday Folders this week.


Students are finishing up reading and responding to the novel Wonder. We have also began our vocabulary program, Caesar's English, in which we will be reading some informational text and poetry.


We are studying personal narratives. This week we learned about ways to get ideas for personal narratives, how to write in a way that brings the reader into the world of the story. Next week, students will set goals and edit and revise one of their stories.


This week we started working in math groups. All students are (or are about to start) learning how to find square roots , squares, cube roots, and cubes. We are also reviewing order of operations.

Social Studies

We have started a study of Explorers. Over the next three weeks, students will learn about the encounters between Native Americans and European explorers of the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s. They will become experts on five major Native American Nations and 13 European explorers and the countries who sponsored them. They will learn the reasons why explorers and their sponsors risked so much.

August 24, 2018

We have had a very busy week, wrapping up beginning of the year assessments, reading and responding to the novel Wonder, engaging in Inspirational Math lessons, and continuing with our House Design unit!

Mental Health

Ms. Vasseur joined our class to teach a "spider web" lesson. As we tossed a ball of yard around a circle, we were able to see that we are all connected, and that the actions of one person, even seemingly unconnected to another, impacts everyone. Ms. Vasseur is also meeting with students one on one over the coming weeks to get to know each individual student.


Students should have a message in their school email letting them know which electives they are in. While efforts are made to give students their top choices, it is not always possible. Electives begin the week of September 10.

Important Reminders:

  • Assesment day Tuesday: come only for your child's assessment appointment. You can then bring students to have their pictures taken.
  • Fun Run Wednesday, August 29 from 9:15 to 9:45. Pledges due Wednesday, September 5!
  • House Design Expo: Friday August 31 from 1:10-2:00 in the classroom.
  • No school Monday, September 3, for Labor Day. Ms. Huffman will be gone September 4 to bring her daughter to college! Mrs. Pytte will sub.

August 17, 2018

We had a terrific first full week of school!


Students have Math's Mate and IXL due this week. Students have log in information for IXL, and I have given recommendations for the week. Let me know if you have any trouble, I am new to the program and learning along with you! Students should also begin logging their reading in their planners this week. There is no vocabulary homework this week.


Students have begun a study of the novel Wonder. While many students are familiar with the novel, analyzing the story as a class will bring new understanding. Students will then move on to a novel choice in the realistic fiction.genre.


Students have been engaged in "Inspirational Math" lessons, focusing on mindset and perseverance. Ask you child about the activities! In addition, students have been completing pre assessments and familiarizing themselves with IXL.

House Design

The first design task in House Design has been completed! Students have formed architecture firms including an architect, contractor, and a designer to design a bedroom for a client family. Next week they will begin work on the design of the whole house. House designs will be presented in our classroom to parents on August 31 from 1:10 to 2:00!

August 10, 2018

Dear Families,

We have had a terrific start to the new year! The first two days have been spent establishing our classroom expectations and developing relationships, new and old! Students engaged in a STEM challenge in which they collaborated with one another to build the tallest tower they could using noodles and masking tape. The tower needed to support an single marshmallow for a minimum of 15 seconds. Our winning tower was 14.5 inches tall. Students learned that a wider base created a taller tower, and that triangles can add strength to the tower.


We do have planners! Students should bring them to and from school each day. I tell students that their planner should "live in their backpack", always put it back once homework is finished!


Weekly homework will be assigned for the first time on August 17. Instructions for logging into IXL have been given, and students have written their login information on the front page of their planners. We have spent some time on the program in class to familiarize students with the program. While homework is not yet assigned, students can use the program at home at any time.

Assessment Day Sign Up

Don't forget to sign up for an assessment day slot! Assessment day in Tuesday, August 28. The link is on my home page.


The Specials schedule is now on my website under the Specials tab. Electives will begin September 10. More information about electives will be available in the coming weeks.

August 4, 2018

Dear 5/6 Discovery Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited for the new year together. Throughout the year, 5th and 6th grade Discovery will work together on select units. This year we will begin with a House Design unit. Students will work together in mixed grade teams to form architectural firms. Throughout the unit students will apply math skills, cooperation skills, and creativity to design and furnish a new home within a budget.

We need your help! If you can provide any of the following items, please collect and bring in with your child during “Get to Know You” conferences on August 7th and 8th.

-Newspaper inserts/advertisements for:



-hardware stores

-Interior design/architecture magazines.

- blueprints

Students will present their work at our Design Expo on August 31 from 1:10 to 2:00. Please join us and celebrate their hard work.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!


Ms. Huffman and Ms. McFarland