Ms. Cooper - 8th Grade Language Arts Homepage

Welcome to 8th Grade Language & Literature! 

In Language & Literature this year, students will grow as readers and writers. Students will develop an awareness of reading as a tool through which we understand the world and writing as a means of communicating with others. My goal this year is to help students recognize the importance of Language & Literature in every day life and to equip them to be effective communicators in whatever career field they eventually choose to pursue.   

This page is a place where students and parents can find important information about assignments, weekly agendas, and announcements. 

Ms. McLane is our Learning Specialist this year during sixth period! You may contact her at 

- Your 4th Quarter Vocabulary Test is Friday, May 18th. Use the following link to study:

- Please make sure you are looking in the correct section for your class's resources! 1st, 2nd, 6th, & 7th period should use the "Language & Literature 8" section of this website. 3rd period should refer to the "Advanced Language & Literature" section.