Welcome to Class!

2017-18 School Year Information:

May 14th:
Only 9 more days of classes (and really only 6 days for each class period). Biology students will be taking their last unit test on Tuesday this week. We will be reviewing for finals after. Please look at the final exam schedule carefully and plan your studying accordingly.
Astronomy will be watching Apollo 13 this week and working on final exam reviews as well. It has been a great semester and we just need a strong push to the finish. 

April 2nd:
Biology students. Here is the link for the field trip. You only have until April 13th to sign up. Parents-I will need 7 chaperones to join us. If you are available please let me know ASAP!

March 26th:
Wow! How did we make it here so fast? I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. I can't believe we only have 8 weeks left of school. Please keep an eye on calendars and special schedule because there a lot's of them this last few weeks. Remember SOAR is your friends. 

March 9th:
Astronomy Students: Here is today's link

February 21st:
Astronomy Students: Here is the link to our class field trip. Please sign up ASAP

February 20th:
Wow, a chilly start to our short week this week. Glad that the heat is back on and we are all warming up! Biology students are watching GATTACA this week and will be having a class discussion on the ethics of a few of the situation in the movie (genetics and cloning, etc)
Astronomy is continuing to work on the formation of our Universe this week. 
Parent conferences are this week (Wednesday) from 3:30pm to 7pm. Due to athletics happening at the same time, teachers will be spread around the school in classrooms. I will be in L517 with 2 other biology teachers. Same "rules" apply, 7 minute quick conferences! If you can't make it and need to communicate with me, please send an email!

February 13th:
Biology students will be taking the Unit 6 test tomorrow and Thursday. The kahoot review can be found here: Genetics Kahoot
Remember this test is all about can you do Punnett Squares so make sure you don't rely just on the Kahoot to review.

February 6th: It's Wish Week! Such an amazing week of every school year. Please encourage your students to participate in as many activities as possible. There are lots of lunch and dinner options as well...so take the night off from cooking and pick something up on your way home.

January 29th:
It seems like so long since I updated the front page of my website. We are 3 weeks into the 2nd semester and moving right along. Biology is starting Unit 6 this week and Astronomy is finishing up its' first unit. Keep checking in with each classes website to see what we are doing. The crud/flu/colds seem to be going around so drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and wash you hands often :)

Biology Final Exam Review Kahoot

December 11th:
The end of the semester is so close at this point. Astronomy took their last unit test on Friday of last week and Biology takes theirs tomorrow. We will then move into final exam review mode. Please discusss the importance of coming up with a final exam review schedule/plan for your kids (especially the 9th graders) as this can be a stressful time of year and having a plan will make it easier for them to remain focused. It is also a good time to remind them to take care of themselves, get enough sleep, eat right and drink plenty of water. The crud is going around so make sure they wash their hands frequently

December 1st:
I cannot believe how fast we have gotten to December. I have shared with the Biology students what exactly they have left before the semester ends. Please look over the semester final exam schedule and help your student come up with a study plan. 

October 2nd:
Its hard to believe we are already at the week before fall break. This semester is already going so quickly. Biology will be taking their Unit 2 test this week and Astronomy's unit 2 test is Oct 18th. 
Biology: There are two additional reviews on my website for anyone that needs extra help for the test this week. I have the answer keys for all of them so complete them at home and then bring them to me and I will let you use the answer key.
Astronomy: Unit 2 test is over telescopes and the big bang theory. Test Reviews will go home later this week. 
PS: Parent conferences are scheduled for October 18th!

September 11th: HOMECOMING WEEK
Wow, I can't believe how far we have already come this year. Biology will be taking their first unit test this week and Astronomy's is next week. There is lots going on but students need to remain focused!
Have a great week!

August 20th:
Parents while everyone is very excited about the solar eclipse tomorrow please remind your students to be safe when viewing the eclipse. 
Only solar glasses labeled ISO 12321-2 are approved for viewing. Please be safe!
Back to school night is this week and I will be holding an interest meeting for the 2018 Costa Rica trip at 5:30 prior to the B2S night activities! Come find out more details about this years trip!

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. Please look at each classes individual pages to see more detailed information by class. I am excited to get my 15th year teaching underway. It has been a great but busy day with the freshman class. I look forward to getting to know your kids. 

Supply list for Biology and Astronomy!
Notebook (3 ring binder or folder is up to the student)
Colored Pencils
Blue/Black pen or pencil