4th Grade Expectations

Fourth Grade Expectations at Clear Sky 

*  Expect homework Monday-Thursday.
*  Before signing your child's Reading Log, review their responses to ensure that they are neatly written and complete. Students must fill out their Reading Logs using complete sentences.
*  Completion and quality of homework is part of the overall grade.
* Students who come to school with incomplete homework will spend their recess in Study Hall.
*  Occasionally there will be a special reward on Fridays such as going to Bison Park, for students who come to school with completed homework all week.

Thursday Folders
*  Review all papers that are sent home and go over the problems missed.

*This is a great time to sit down with your child to review the concepts they've been working on at school.
*  The best way to get in contact with me is through email: 


I will check my email at least twice a day and will respond within 24 hours. 

*  Other important information regarding upcoming events/activities can be found on the CSE website:  www.clearskyelementary.com

All fourth grade classes will use a card system to monitor behavior.  At the end of the day, each student will indicate the color they earned where they record their nightly homework.
  Green-  Great Bison Behavior
  Yellow-  Warning
  Orange- Miss Recess
  Red-   Correction Slip 
*  Bison Bravo slips will be used school wide to acknowledge positive student behavior.

*  Consistent attendance is very important as students will miss learning time when they are gone.
*  Please encourage your child to come to school prepared and ready to learn.
*  Early dismissals and late arrivals can be disruptive to learning time.  Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school day if possible.

Other Reminders
*  Having multiplication facts memorized is essential to be successful in other areas of math.  Please make sure your child has mastered their math facts.
*  Please help your child select a healthy snack to bring to school.
*  Encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school.
*  Students should dress appropriately for the weather, as they will go outside on most days.