Important Information 2017-2018


Specials will be on a 5 week rotation
                                               week one: Innovate
                                               week two: Health (M/W/F) and PE (T/R)
                                               week three: PE (M/W/F) and health (T/R)                                                                                              week four: Music                                                                                                                                             week five: art

Lunch Time
12:30- 1:15

Office Phone: 303-387-5900

Attendance Line: 303-387-5902

Classroom Information and Expectations


I believe that one of the best ways to support your child is to have parent/teacher communication. There are many ways for us to accomplish this:

  • E-Mail: This is the best way to communicate with me and I will be using e-mail to communicate most classroom information. My e-mail address is I check my e-mail at least once in the morning before school and at least once in the afternoon. Please make sure that I have your current email and let me know if it changes or you are not getting any e-mail communication from me.
  • Class Website: Our classroom website will contain most of the information that you will need. If there is something that you would like to see on the website, please let me know. 
  • Phone: Phone calls are not put through to the classroom, but you can leave a message with the office. Also, If you need to get your child a message during the day, please call the office and the message will be delivered to your child's classroom before the end of the day.*This is the best way to get your child a message during the day, as I don't always get a chance to check my email before the end of the day.
  • Thursday Folders: Each Thursday, your child will bring home a folder containing important school information as well as classroom information and some of your child's finished work. Please remove and read the contents and then send the empty folder back to school on Friday.
  • Conferences: We will have two scheduled parent/teacher/student conferences during the year-one in the fall and one in the spring-to discuss your child's progress and goals. We can also schedule a meeting at any time to discuss any questions or concerns that you have.

Fall Conferences: September 28th and 29th, 2017 

Spring Conferences: March 15th and 16th, 2018


Homework Policy: Homework should be a positive experience for your child. When purposeful homework is assigned and parents reinforce the completion of tasks, students will strengthen their study habits, have a more positive attitude toward school and learning, and be higher achieving.

Purpose of Homework in Learning: 

•The development of independence and responsibility
•The practice and reinforcement of previously learned skills
•The formation of lifelong learning skills

As a third grader, your child will have about 30 minutes of homework Monday through Thursday nights. Generally, they will have 20 minutes of reading, math practice, and a vocabulary activity. Occasionally they will have writing assignments.

Homework will not be assigned over school vacations. However, homework and/or make-up work may be assigned to students who are absent due to taking a vacation while school is in session.

Study Hall-Any students that do not bring their homework to school will complete it during study hall during afternoon recess. 

Homework Planner-Your child is responsible for writing their homework in their planner each afternoon. Once your child has finished his/her homework, please check it and sign their planner. I will check their planner each morning for any notes.


As a school, we participate in the Positive Behavior System (PBIS) program. Your child’s positive behavior will be rewarded with “Bison Bravos” or "Bison Stickers". Stickers are collected as a class and turned in for a whole class reward such as extra recess or pajama day.

I use a clip system in my classroom. All students start each day on "Ready To Learn." Students will move their clips up or down during the day. Each night in their planner, there will be a color or a phrase. 

Repeat behavior problems or serious offenses (covered in the school handbook) will result in a discipline referral.

Click on the following link to learn more about PBIS at Clear Sky Elementary.


Daily attendance is very important! Please help your child get to school on time. Scheduling appointments before or after school and during breaks helps maximize the learning of all students. Make-up work is required; however, many class lessons do not lend themselves to being made up at a later time. Please know that I appreciate e-mails or notes letting me know if your child will be absent. Additionally, the office needs to be contacted if your child will not be in school.

Grading Policies and Procedures

Report cards use the following language to communicate your child's progress in achieving grade level expectations:

  • Exceeds expectations
  • Meets expectations
  • Approaching expectations
  • Does not meet expectations
  • Not Applicable

On students' work you may see this language, or you may see these numeric grades on classwork or a -, v, or +

  • - below grade level expectations
  • v (check) meeting grade level expectations
  • + Exceeding grade level expectations


Please provide a healthy snack for your child each day. Some suggestions are fruit, vegetables, crackers and cheese, pretzels, yogurt, or granola bars.

Water Bottles

Please encourage your child to bring in a water bottle to keep at their desk. Please make sure that the bottles contain only water.


We love to celebrate birthdays! If your child would like to bring in a birthday snack, please let me know in advance.  We usually pass out and eat birthday treats during afternoon recess. It makes it easier if the snack is simple and easy to pass out. Also, birthday invitations are not to be passed out at school unless the whole class is invited.

2017-2018 - Peanut Restricted room

Other Reminders

  • Having multiplication facts memorized is essential to be successful in other areas of math. Please support your child with mastering his/her multiplication facts.
  • Students should dress appropriately for the weather. We will go outside most days and Colorado weather can change quickly during the day.
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