Learning Objectives

Reading-In reading this week we will be playing different reading games and revisiting all the fun things they did id second grade.
Writing- We will be creating a memory book.

We follow the Rebecca Sitton Spelling Program.  We complete one unit every week. They will be bringing home their practice spelling test every Monday. If they missed words they need to practice their words using the practice worksheet. They will take final test on Friday. Many words will repeat themselves on test . This is so they have lots of practice with the second grade word list.

Math- We will be reviewing what they have learned this year and playing math games..  enVision Math Here.
Your student can log on here: They will be getting their username and password the second week of school.

Social Studies/Science
We will finish sharing our road trip presentations and take a trip to Hawaii ( using a google presentation) 
Garden Project. Second graders are the gardeners on the Cougar Run Garden. This a a year long project. We completed our research on our plants in our garden and created a Google presentation on our Cougar Run plants.  We will  be harvesting our vegetables and herbs  so that they can be sold to our Cougar Run families. 

Specials- Music

Important Dates
May 21- Garden Planting Day!
May 24- Second Grade End of the Year Party
May 25- Last Day of School

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