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      Please take a look through this homepage and the different tabs on this website; it will be a great tool for keeping informed throughout the year.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Important Information

Important Upcoming Dates

Thanksgiving Break begins Saturday, November 17. School resumes Monday, November 26. Please let me know if your child will be missing any extra days.

Agenda Signatures

Thank you for taking the time to sign and check your student's agenda each night (Monday-Thursday). They should always have something written in there Monday-Thursday. This is both an organizational tool for students and a communication tool between you and me. Thank you for helping your student get into the habit of being organized!

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What We're Working On Now



Whole Group Instruction: This week we analyzed the short story "Brave Chicken" from our StoryWorks magazine. We focused on building vocabulary, identifying the theme, and tracking character development.

Small Group Instruction: Leveled reading focused on various comprehension strategies according to individual group needs. Book clubs will begin when we return from break.


In writing this week we learned more about prepositional phrases. I am quite proud of the kids for the effort and enthusiasm they are putting into learning about grammar. We also learned about coordinating conjunctions (also called FANBOYS-for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). The kids are keeping an eye out for these elements in the books that they are reading, and the next step is to start adding these elements into their own writing.

As we talked about during your child's conference, please revisit their narrative piece with them and spend time looking over the comments and answering the questions. This writing can be found in Google Docs and should be completed by November 30. Thank you for your collaboration!


Life Science

As we continued with our Beasts and Biomes unit, the kids worked on completing their animal brochure. Students researched their chosen animal’s habitat, diet, physical characteristics, and physical and behavioral adaptations in order to write their informational brochure. They also chose pictures to accompany their writing and add interest to their project. Your child’s brochure is in their Google Drive if you want to check it out. After break, these will be printed and displayed around the school.

Today, we were able to use the Google Viewfinders to take several virtual trips around the biomes of the world. We visited the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands (both land and sea), Greenland, the Congo, and the Sahara.

Our essential questions are: “How do we use multiple sources to create meaning?” and “Why do we gather and classify information?” What they learn from answering these questions will lead the kids to the summative project where they will invent a species with adaptations that allow it to thrive in a given biome. This project should take us all the way to winter break.

As we continue through the process of learning multiplication and division, the kids will need a lot of practice. I have two favors to ask of you when they have homework: 1) Please do not have them work more than 15 (maybe 20) minutes on the problems. If they work longer than this, they will most likely become frustrated and won't retain the information we want them to practice. 2) Please have them keep their original answer if you check their work and there are problems you would like them to correct. When they erase the original, incorrect answer, I cannot tell where they need help with solving the problem. The kids can rewrite the problems they need to redo on the back of the worksheet or on a separate piece of paper. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

Chapter 6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers (More information about the entire chapter can be found in the "math" tab.)

This week in math we will wrap up Chapter 3. There were a few students who needed more time on the chapter test, so we will review the test on Tuesday. 

We will begin learning about fractions in Chapter 6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers. (We are moving past Chapters 4 and 5 because they are not connected to Colorado 4th Grade Standards.) Our lessons this week will focus on adding and subtracting fractions.

On Wednesday, all kids will test on x12 facts. Kids who did not pass x2, x5, x10, x3, x6, x9, x7, x4, x8,  and/or x11  will have another opportunity to take those tests on Thursday during lunch recess. 

The kids need to know all multiplication tables for 0-12 (for example: 2x0, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6, 2x7, 2x8, 2x9, 2x10, 2x11, 2x12). They need to solve 50 problems within 3 minutes. A score of 45/50 will allow them to move on to the next test the following week. Being able to fluently move through their multiplication facts will free the kids up to expend energy on solving problems with multiple steps and multiple operations. Knowing multiplication and division facts/fact families will also be key to working with fractions.

The order of testing is as follows:

When they pass all of the multiplication facts tests, they will move on to division tests. The kids will practice their facts at school a couple of times a week. Your child/ren can practice at home with flash cards (The dollar store is a great place to find some.); you can write out problems for your child/ren; try giving them an oral quiz, and/or print out some practice sheets. 

In Focus

This week, we talked about how emotions can affect us physically; we focused on happiness and sadness. We discussed how happiness can bring us energy and positivity and how to channel that energy. We also discussed ways to deal with sadness at school and how to change your mood when you are feeling something unpleasant. The kids thought about where they feel each of these emotions within their body and placed a yellow dot for happiness and a blue dot for sadness.

We will follow the Aspen rotation. Here is the TTE Specials Calendar for the entire year. Our special this week is PE.

Our Class Pledge

As a 4th Grade Timberwolf, I will be determined in the classroom and throughout the day. I will always be polite by using my manners, and I will show empathy by being a kind friend and respecting others. I will demonstrate responsibility by staying on task, following the rules, and being prepared. I will be honest and trustworthy to display my integrity.    

General Information

This classroom website is a great resource for finding out what we are up to weekly and throughout the year.  Please refer back often.

Our classroom is on the lower level-room L12; it can get chilly at times.  Feel free to send in a sweatshirt that your child can keep at school.

The kids eat lunch from 1:00-1:20, so we have snack time in the morning.  Please send in a healthy snack or two each morning as well as a water bottle.

Email is the very best way to reach me: jeannette.proctor@dcsdk12.org.  You can also send me a note or write a message in your child's agenda.