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SPECIALS for the Week of 5-21-18          Last week of Art                                                                              
• Please EMPTY and return your child's Friday folder on Mondays!                                                                   
•• Please return your child's weekly reading book bag on the day listed on the bag-last week!                         
••• Please return your child's library book on Mondays! Last Week!                                                                  

Kindergarteners Are Ready to Graduate!
We are in the final week of kindergarten. The year has flown by, but lots of great memories will be recorded in memory books during our last days of school. Students will be taking home these special books to share with their families on graduation day. Also, students are working hard to learn two songs with movements for the ceremony. They will be practicing their part in a special graduation poem, "What Will I Be When I Grow Up." I am so proud of the growth each student has made this year! 

May 24--Kindy Graduation 11:30-12:30 in the Learning Commons

PBS (Positive Behavior Support) and ROCKS (Respect/Responsibility, Power of One, Compassion, Kindness, Safety). What is it?
1. The first level is the Hand Sticker. I (or any other adult with a badge in the building) can give out stickers to students who are behaving respectful, responsible, and safe or showing kindness and compassion towards another student. So if your child has a Hand sticker on their shirt when they get home, you will know they showed positive behavior at school and they should be congratulated for their effort.
2. The second level is the You "ROCKS" Award. Every other Friday, I will select a student who consistently modeled positive behavior in the classroom. The student will receive a "ROCKS" bracelet and have their picture posted in the front school hallway with an explanation of why they were selected for the "ROCKS" award.
3. The third level is the "ROCKS" STAR Award. In December and May, we will have a special assembly in the gym where each student who received a bracelet that semester will get a certificate and will be recognized in front of their peers for earning a spot in the You "ROCKS" group. I will also pick two students per semester who have demonstrated positive behavior for the whole semester and those students will also be announced at the assembly and will receive a free t-shirt displaying the "ROCKS" STAR emblem. This is the highest honor at our school.

Literacy and Math Skills we are working on:  
-naming all of the letters of the alphabet (upper/lowercase)
-writing our first name
-learning to read the color words: black, brown, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, pink
-stretching out the sounds of words in writing
-memorizing sight words: I, a, is, it, was, and, at, the, go, my, we, to, see, saw, will, you, on, with, has, had, look, in, are, no, they, are, yes, they, not, do, am, this, what, here, she, black, yellow, gray, white, tan, brown, red, purple, orange, pink, blue, who, that, play, short, tall, big, small, may, does, from, some
-identifying shapes:rectangles, triangles, squares, circles, hexagons, diamonds and trapezoids
-identifying positional words:above, below, beside, in front of, behind, left and right
-identifying solid shapes: cones, spheres, cubes and cylinders
-writing numbers 0-20 correctly
-addition of two numbers and writing a complete math sentence
-subtraction of two numbers and writing a complete math sentence
-composing and decomposing numbers to 10

I am in need of some new classroom games and activity centers this year. I have posted them on my classroom door. If you would like to purchase one of the games/activity centers for the classroom, please take the card with the game on it and return the purchased game/activity center to the classroom. Thanks for your support to create a fun learning environment for your child at school!   


 Literacy Activities_____________________
• Identify all 26 letters in the alphabet and the sounds they make. Here are the words we use to identify each letter sound:
t-top   b-bat   f-fun   n-nut   m-man   i-itch   u-up   
c-cat   o-octopus   a-apple   g-game   d-dog   e-ed   
r-rat   p-pan   j-jug   l-lamp   k-kite    h-hat   v-van   
w-wind   x-fox   y-yarn     z-zebra   q-queen   s-sun
• Read your alphabet book (ex. My Tt Book) to a parent by pointing to the words as you read and using pictures clues to solve unknown words. 
• Practice stretching out the sounds in words so your child can write independently
• Practice writing the letters in the alphabet
• Practice writing your first name, upper and lowercase letters
ª Practice memorizing sight words: I, a, is, it, was, and, at, the, go, see, will, saw, you, on, with, has, had, look, in, they, are, yes, they, do, not, am, this, what, here, she, black, yellow, gray, white, tan, brown, red, purple, pink, orange, blue, who, that, play, short, tall, big, small, some, from, may, does
• Make new words with the word family: at, ug, ing, ill, ig, et, en, ell, op, ight, ake, ice, unk
Math Activities for: Unit 12 Measurement
12-2: Comparing by Length
Find a kitchen spoon. Ask your child to find 2 kitchen items that are longer than the spoon and 2 kitchen items that are shorter than the spoon.

12-3: More Comparing Objects by Length
Find 3 objects of different lengths such as pencils, pens, or crayons. Ask your child to find which object is the shortest and which is the longest. Repeat using different objects.

12-4: Problem Solving 
Find 4 shoes of different lengths. Ask your child to order the shoes from shortest to longest.

12-5: Comparing by Height
Name 2 objects and ask your child which is taller. (For example, which is taller, the refrigerator or the oven? The table or the chair? Your bed or your dresser?)

12-6: More Comparing Objects by Height
Have your child compare drinking glasses of different heights and identify which is the shortest and which is the tallest.