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Welcome to Significant Support Needs

                 Welcome to Mrs. Lenz's SSN Classroom!  



Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Dedicated to making a true connection 

between hearts and minds

TTE  is proud to announce that we will be implementing a universal social/emotional/behavioral health curriculum for the entire school community!  

By learning to manage our emotions, improve our focus, and gain self-control using the In Focus Curriculum,
 reaching our individual potential is a certainty. 
In Focus (Grades K-2) Cover                                                                    In Focus (Grades 3-5) Cover
            K-2                                                                           3-5

School Calendar

Timber Trail ~WOLF Pack PRIDE Politeness         



Show Your Howl-Worthy Behaviors!

 2017 Douglas County School District 
Elementary Educator of the Year Award! 
This is such a tremendous honor; not only to be recognized, but I am humbled and blessed to be called to this profession and work with amazing children who truly make our world a better place!