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Tuesday,May 22, 2018
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Check out our road trip presentations and see if there is one your family might enjoy this summer!

Road Trip 17-18 Thomas Katelyn Payton

Road Trip 17-18 Dorian Ava Laikyn Lincoln

Road Trip 17-18 Jace Lyric Cordylia

Road Trip 17-18 Janie Connor Mikey Jocelyn

Road Trip 17-18 Mya Annie Tavian

Road Trip 17-18 Joe Folken Olivia



  Using the Bridges math curriculum we will continue to work on adding and subtract within 100 and then 1000, but will move into measurement and geometry. Each session is divided into three main parts: Number Corner, Problems & Investigations, and Work Places. We will also incorporate iReady games and skill practice into our routine.

Primary Focus: OA - Operations & Algebraic Thinking NBT - Number & Operations in Base Ten MD - Measurement & Data - Geometry

   We are celebrating our talents as WRITERS! We are working on grammar and mechanics while cultivating ideas and expanding vocabulary. Our classroom is a safe place to share thoughts and words. 

  Throughout our year-long Garden Project (Life Science) children become an integral part of Our School Garden. Beginning in summer children choose plants to study- to learn how to best raise them and care for them.  They harvest the garden, making it possible for third graders to sell for our Farmer's Market. In the winter they prepare the garden for the cold months ahead. And finally in the spring, children plant and celebrate their work with a "Garden Day".

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