Daily Schedule for Mrs. Brunell’s Class       

9:05 - 9:10          Arrival (Rolling Start begins at 8:55)

9:10 - 9:20          Morning Meeting

9:20 - 10:15      Literacy Lesson/Read-Aloud

                                        *Monday- Library at this time

                                        *Thursday- Music at this time

10:15 - 10:30       Brain Break   

10:35 - 12:05         Guided Reading/Literacy Activities

12:08 - 12:53    Lunch

12:55 - 1:25      Writers’ Workshop

1:30 - 2:15      Specials:

                 Week 1: Art

                 Week 2: Innovative Lab

Week 3: PE/Health

Week 4: Health/PE

Week 5: Science

2:15 - 3:30 Math

3:30 - 3:50 Science/Social Studies    

3:50 - 4:00          Class Jobs & Dismissal


Welcome to First Grade!!

The following information outlines many classroom practices and procedures:


Daily attendance is very important! Please help your child get to school on time. Scheduling appointments before or after school and during breaks helps maximize the learning of all students. Make-up work will be required as necessary; however, many class lessons do not lend themselves to being made up at a later time.  Please know that I appreciate e-mails or notes letting me know if your child will be absent. Additionally, the office needs to be contacted if your child will not be in school.

Classroom Management

We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) school. We use positive reinforcement to help guide our students’ learning and behavioral choices. Our expectation is that every student would make appropriate choices and be BISON Strong! Our key behaviors are: Be respectful, Integrity, Safe, Own it, and Never give up! Students can earn Bison Bravo stickers and tickets, which acknowledge their good choices and make them eligible for a school or a class prize! I also use individual praise and rewards and whole class incentives. Thank you for encouraging your child’s best behavior throughout the school day.

We will also use ClassDojo to help the students monitor their behavior.  This is a online tool that allows you to see how your student has done in class with making appropriate choices.  Students who are having difficulty making good choices will be given a verbal warning. A second misbehavior results in a negative Dojo point. I try to problem solve with the individual student if they are having a hard time being BISON Strong. Students are also able to earn positive Dojo points. My goal is for each student to do his or her best and allow others around them to learn and work successfully!


Volunteers are appreciated in the classroom! Your role as a volunteer often includes working with small groups or individual students. Of course, confidentiality is expected at all times. If you sign up to regularly volunteer and cannot make it in on your scheduled day, please just let me know via email or note.


Communication between parents and teachers is crucial. The best way to communicate with me is through e-mail (tara.brunell@dcsdk12.org). Know that I am happy to speak with you!  Thursday Folders are sent home weekly with school information. Please note that much of the information is now sent home electronically. I will send class news as needed. Some weeks have more frequent communication than others, depending on our class activities. 


First grade is implementing a new birthday policy this year. Students will  be recognized on their birthday and sung to by their classmates. In order to save instructional time in the classroom, we ask that students do not bring treats. Instead, they can bring small trinkets, such as a pencil, eraser, etc. for each child in the class. These will be passed out at the end of the day. School policy states that your child cannot hand out invitations unless everyone in class is invited. Parents will have the opportunity to be part of a class directory, in order to contact parents directly for birthdays. Regretfully, we will not be able to forward or send a birthday invitation on your behalf. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 


Reading is part of your child’s homework each day, Monday-Thursday. Homework may also consist of math, sight word practice, and/or writing. It should be completed neatly by your child. A first grader should only be spending about 10-15 minutes on homework daily. 

If your child has difficulty completing the assignments, please let me know. Providing a quiet place and consistent time to complete homework is important. It is also helpful to look over your child’s tasks to promote quality work!


Students are welcome to bring healthy snacks to school. We will be having a morning snack time during Brain Break.  Sport-top water bottles are also encouraged since that limits time away from the classroom to get a drink. Due to students with allergies to nuts in our classroom, snacks containing these items will not be allowed.