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Meet Your Teacher

My name is Brandy Brocka (rhymes with okay) and I have been teaching the half day kindergarten class here at Platte River for the past 13 years. I got my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Wartburg College in Iowa in 1998 and my Master degree in Reading Education from Regis University last year. I grew up in Iowa and my husband Andy and I moved to Colorado in search of employment. I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

My husband and I also have two sons.  I love to hike with my family, run with friends, read lots of fiction books, and sing. Now that I have my Master's in Reading, many people ask me if I plan on leaving kindergarten for "better things," but I really don't know of anything better. Kindergarten is a great year for kids. It is a time to grow confident in abilities and learn how to love learning. I feel that I have been called to teaching kindergartners because I love seeing the spark in their eyes when something finally clicks and seeing that huge amount of growth throughout the year. Kindergarten is also a critical time for students to get their reading basics learned and I plan on using my new found knowledge in reading to help my students grow to the best of their abilities.