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71 Team  Team 71 Website  
72 Team  Team 72 Website  
74 Team  Team 74 Website  
81 Team  Team 81 Website  
83 Team  Team 83 Website  
84 Team  Team 84 Website  
Andriese, Roann Teacher Website 81 - Math 
Attendance Attendance Page 303-387-1802 
Beckett, Andrea Teacher Website World Languages - French 
Beckett, Brett Teacher Website Multimedia 
Beck, Steve Teacher Website 71 - Science 
Bergfalk, Melissa Teacher Website 83- Math 
Bittler, Adam Teacher Website 84 - Health/PE 
Blair, Rick Teacher Website 81 - Social Studies 
Bratina.Norma  EA IV SPED 
Britton, Kelly Teacher Website World Language - Spanish 
Castillo, Vicki  EA1- Team 83 
Clarke, Shannon Administration Page Principal 
Correa, Hilda  Night Lead Custodian 
Counseling Department  Counseling Website  
Dalby, Jonathan Teacher Website 83 - Social Studies 
Davis, Kelli  Health Asst./Receptionist 
Davis, Larry Teacher Website 74 - Math 
DiGiorgio, Jon Teacher Website 71- Social Studies 
DiPasquale, Kevin Teacher Website 83- STEM 
Dodd, Renae Teacher Website 84 - ISS 
Dunn, Briana  Attendance Secretary 
Earl, Shauna Teacher Website 81 - Language Arts 
Estell, Jeremy Teacher Website Intrumental Music 
Ford, JoAnn  Counseling Secretary 
Foust, Ellie Teacher Website 74 - iLab 
Fox-Gliessman, Deb Teacher Website 72 - iLab 
Geoffroy, Maggie  EA 1 Team 81 
Graham-Herring, Christine Team 72 Website 72- Social Studies  
Greeno, Margene Bookkeeper Page Office - Bookkeeper 
Grissom, Michelle Teacher Website 74 - Social Studies 
Harvey, Craig  Building Security 
Hemesath, Lori  EA 1 Team 74 
Hepworth, Brianne Teacher Website 71 - Language Arts 
Hess, Zac Administration Page Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 
Hill, Michael Teacher Website 81 - STEM 
Hinchey, Debbie Teacher Website 74 - ISS 
Hoekstra, Nita Teacher Website 72/84 - ESL 
Hooston, Jan Admin. Assist. Page Office - Admin. Asst. to the Principal 
Hutchings, Jennifer Counseling Page Counselor (83 & 84) 
Johnson, Bo Teacher Website 81 - Science 
Keller, Heidi Teacher Website 71 - ISS 
Kelly, Mike Team 83 website 83 - Health/PE 
Klinkerman, Dave Teacher Website 84 - Social Studies 
Knutson, Cathie Teacher Website World Languages - Spanish 
Krumreich, Bernadette Teacher Website 72 - Math 
Lemons, Jeff Teacher Website 71 - Health/PE 
Liz Meyer  Library Asst.  
Lopez, Ryan Teacher Website 74 - PE/Health 
Lopez, Steve Teacher Website 81 - Health/PE 
Losness, Shelly Teacher Website Art 
Loucks, Russell Teacher Website 71- iLab 
Mazula, Pete  Building Security 
McDaniel, Laurilea Teacher Website Drama & Speech 
McGhee, Donna  EA IV ISS 
McKinney, John Teacher Website 83 - Science 
Melby, Jennifer  Social Worker    
Meyer, Liz  Library Assistant 
Moaddeli, Roya  EA 1 Team 74 
Montague, Kathy Teacher Website PLS 
Moore, Paula Counseling Page  Counselor (74 & 81) 
Morgan, Kate Teacher Website Intro. to E-Pub & Yearbook 
Najera, Maria  Custodian 
Nielsen, Myka Teacher Website 74 - Science 
Nockels, Denise  EA IV - SPED 
Norton, Tiffany Teacher Website 84 - Science 
Paulukovich, Jim  CRT 
Personett, Lynette Teacher Website Technology 
Peters, Beth Teacher Website 84 - STEM 
Phillips, Amber  Speech Therapist 
Pritchard, Cindy Teacher Website Consumer & Family Studies  
Rasbach, Jean  MRMS STEM Coordinator 
Reeves, Lucas Teacher Website Choir/Music Lab 
Roya Moaddeli  EA1 Team 71 
Russell, Cathy Athletics/Activities Office - Athletic/Activities/Discipline Secretary 
Rutledge, Lindsey Counseling Website Psychologist 
Sanborn, Sharon  81 - ISS 
Savage, Alan Teacher Website 72 - Science 
Scholz, Catherine Counseling Page Counselor (71, 72) 
Sheehan, Kathy Registration Website Office - Registrar 
Shroyer, Jeff Teacher Website Exploring World Cultures 
Smith, Natalie  School Nurse Consultant 
Spangler, Shanna  EA1- Team 84 
Sprafke, Karen Teacher Website 84 - Language Arts 
Steiner.Cory  Building Engineer 
StLouis, Melissa  EA1 Team 72 
Sugrue, Rocki Teacher Website 72/83 - ISS 
Sullivan, Jamie jamie.sullivan@dcsdk12org Teacher Website 74- Language Arts 
Tuccio, Heather Teacher Website 71 - Math 
Van Ooyik, Jacklyn Teacher Website 84 - Math 
Vincelette, Pete Teacher Website Librarian 
Wilde, Nancy Teacher Website 72 - Language Arts 
Wilkinson, Alison Teacher Website 83 - Language Arts  
Willis, Zerph Teacher Website 72 - Health/PE 
Windholz, Amanda Teacher Website Dimensions in Literacy/GT Facilitator 
Winslow, Victoria Administration Page  Assistant Principal 
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