Welcome to the 2018 iLab Capstone Project website

iLab Capstone Symposium
Friday, May 4, 2018 
(During school - times to be announced)
Mountain Ridge Middle School

The Capstone Project is 
a culminating event of your time in 7th grade. During this time you will have developed in many ways and learned about the use of Design Thinking to create solutions to problems. This project will give you the opportunity to share with others something that is of great interest to you. It is the opportunity for you to take something that inspires you and to make a difference through authentic collaboration with community or global experts in the field of your passion.

This is about your choice and your voice.

Kid President - How to Change the World


The Convergence of Passion and Purpose

Converge your Passion with a Purpose: Be the Change

The Skills of a 21st Century Mind in Action

The Adaptable Mind

Be Bold - Jump In - Take a Risk - Make a Dent

Girl's First Ski Jump