Mr. Stroessner

Welcome to our class website for the 2020 - 2021 school year! This site will only be used for GENERAL INFORMATION. Student use of GOOGLE CLASSROOM is where specific information regarding learning and assignments will be accessed. Please contact me if you have any questions!

ASSIGNMENTS are posted at:

IMPORTANT LINKS: (for accessing i-Ready, Google classroom, enVision; ALL apps can be found from this link).

CLASS CODES FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM ACCESS: COPY & PASTE the code for the period you have math; it's easier than typing it in! Register by using the link above, then click on the (+) sign to add yourself to the correct class period.

Period 1 Accelerated Math 7: 6s5acma

Period 2 Math 7: cqtpmlc

Period 5 Math 7: uh3c2wy

Period 6 Accelerated Math 7: jy64pos

Period 7 Accelerated Math 7: nxdmgfs

*PARENTS: IF you are wondering what school supplies are necessary for math class for the 2020 - 2021 school year, I have placed the Parent letter in Google Classroom, with a supply list on page 2. You can print a copy if you need to.

Email is the best and quickest way to get in touch with me!

Hello! My name is Walt Stroessner and I am glad to be teaching your seventh grader this school year! If your student has me for math this year it is either for a MATH 7 or ACCELERATED MATH 7 class. More than anything I am hoping to be teaching your student IN PERSON this year but these are challenging times to say the least. I love math and I love teaching math and being together in the classroom with students and teaching them directly. Cresthill is now using enVision Math so much of what we do will be accessible online!

I am hoping to meet each of you in person this year, but we shall see what comes. Please use the email link above or below if you have any questions!

Mr. Stroessner

Main Office: 303.387.2800

**Students will need a scientific calculator such as this, NOT a graphing calculator! This picture is of my calculator, but ANY scientific calculator will be fine! It does not need to be the model pictured here.