Hello all students, parents, and guardians,

As everyone can see, I was unavailable for BTSN, but I wanted to make sure everyone felt secure in understanding their child's class expectations and current weekly movements.  If you have any further questions, please reach out to me directly at cdlynch@dcsdk12.org, and we can even set up a private conference time if you feel one is necessary for your child's success. 

For my AP GoPo students, remember we will have our first Summative Assessment Friday, September 1st.  

For my Humanities I/World Geography students, we will continue our inquiry into "what is a civilization?" and where were the earliest civilizations located around the world for the next 3 weeks.  Please remember to stay up on weekly readings, and use the CUTS annotations system to note-take on the main ideas of the reading sections.

Mr. Lynch