I Love MHE

Mammoth Heights Elementary

Bus Driven - Positivity

 You have a choice with the energy you share with others each day.  A positive mindset allows you to break down the barriers of limited expectations.

Reading is an essential skill.  It forms some of our opinions and beliefs about our world.

What's Happening in May?

May 15, 2018

            Skate City Field Trip

            May 18, 2018

            Numbers Project

            Math Students

            12:40 - 1:40 PM

Cross-Curricular Content:
Math isn't a subject in isolation, but it shares an interconnectedness with science, social studies, reading, and writing.  The learning that takes place today isn't relegated to one area of study, but a multiple approaches to different content areas.  

Growth Mindset 

When we are willing to take a risk, we have the opportunity to learn something new.  You can't grow without learning from your failures.

What is your purpose? When you have an open mind, you have an opportunity to be your true self.  

Outside the Box Thinkers:
The jobs of tomorrow are created by the innovators of today.  Viable and ingenious solutions aren't grounded on limitations, but those who take a risk to go beyond barriers imposed by others.

Project Based Assessments:
The complex issues of today will be tackled by the young minds in our classroom.  From environmental issues in our community to alternative renewable energy resources, students will demonstrate their understanding through communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.