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Miss Roeder

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A Few of Miss Roeder's Favorites!

(Because everybody always asks)

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  • Favorite Color         Purple 
  • Favorite Season Fall 
  • Favorite Drink         Coffee or Water 
  • Favorite "Fast Food"   Panera
  • Favorite Sports       Golf, UFC, and
    Football (Go Big Red!)
  • Favorite Store        JCrew, TJMaxx, Sephora
  • Favorite Treat         Quest Protein Bar

Dear 4th Grader and family, 

I am happy and excited to be starting my first year of Colorado teaching at Northeast with you!  I am very grateful that I get to be a part of such an inspiring and committed community, of which is Northeast.  With transitioning to Colorado from a high-achieving, student-focused, and community-collaborating district in eastern Nebraska, I knew that I wanted to find a school that exemplified those same attributes and qualities.  I am excited and looking forward to building new relationships with the students, staff, and stakeholders of Northeast, while continuing to expand and challenge my own teaching through innovative, creative, and collaborative work with my students.  

This coming school year, 2016-2017, will be my 6th year of teaching!  Before moving to Colorado this past summer, I spent the previous five years teaching 5th grade in district that was a suburb of the greater Omaha (NE) metro area.  I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in Elementary Education with an endorsement in World Languages: Spanish.  Upon completion of two successful 16-week student teaching practicums, I was looking to move north to the Twin Cities to begin my career as an educator.  It was during my pursuit that I got offered the opportunity to be a part of the nationally-recognized, highly-respected CADRE program at UNO.  I accepted a position in the program, which is specifically designed for teachers to obtain their Master’s degree during their inaugural year of teaching.  I graduated with my Masters degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in math and science. 

My favorite part about teaching is all the interaction and connections we make that help us grow and bring our learning experiences to life.  Not only do I love to watch you learn throughout the year and experience those ‘light bulb’ moments, but I love to learn myself, too!  I believe in the power of being a life-long learner and hope to instill the love of learning to you every day you come to our classroom!

I am lucky enough to have Parker, CO be my new home and am anxious to be able to partake in all of Colorado’s attractions.  I love to live an active life, where I can challenge myself both physically and mentally.  I can often times be found at the gym (only in the mornings before school!), outside gardening my own produce and herbs, working on my hole in one shot on the golf course, or scoping out and taste-testing all the unique and local food vendors.  

I hope you are ready to experience a whole new level of learning this year.  We will carry on some famous 4th grade traditions (Reading Olympics), while integrating new learning experiences by viewing things through new lenses and new perspectives, as scientists and historians.  My wish for you is that you come to school every day excited to meet a new challenge and see how we can grow from those challenges.  I want  you to take great pride and know that your hard work and dedication are greatly valued, including the work of being an eager and respectful student, loyal friend, a kind citizen, a generous son or daughter, and a proud Northeast Eagle!

Here are a few quick things on what to expect in August:

Our room is in the middle hallway, Room #165

On the first day of school, you can expect your first homework assignment.  This will be the best (and only!) homework assignment of the entire year because this is homework for your parents!

Important Note:  We forgot to include the following supplies on our supply list.  Please make sure to grab the following while you are out shopping:

1 solid orange folder

2 2-pocket folders (of any color and/or design)

As I begin this transitional year into Colorado and, specifically, into the Northeast family, I first would like to say thank you for trusting me with your most prized possession: your children.  I take great pride in knowing that you send me your very own each, and every day and I want to provide the best and most positive educational experience for them.  I am passionate about individualizing the educational journey for each student, while challenging their learning and cognitive processing to go beyond the classroom walls and of themselves.  I look forward to working together with you to cherish and nurture all children while fostering compassion and respect, to inspire them to dream of possible and strive for the extraordinary.  

Together in education and life,