Michael Neises

Welcome to my Home Page at Ranch View Middle School - 
I have been teaching in Douglas County at Ranch View Middle School for 16 yrs. I knew the first day at RVMS that I was in a special school that fit me to a T. I currently teach 8th grade Social Studies on the 8 Silver Team. I have a bachelor degree from Colorado State University in History with an emphasis in American History. I continued my education by earning a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University. I enjoy teaching American History because it allows my students to obtain knowledge about our past so that they can utilize it in there futures. I get excited when students use the knowledge, communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking to understand and potentially solve problems that our country has faced in the past and could face in the future. I also enjoy coaching our students as it allows me to see the students in a different light and builds a different relationship that is educational and fun at the same time. I also offer an historical experiential learning experience for our 8th graders by traveling to  DC/NY at the end of each school year. Thank you for reading this