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Girls Basketball

Girls' Basketball

  Mesa Middle School – 365 N. Mitchell Street, CR 
  Cimarron Middle School – 12130 Canterberry Parkway, Parker 
  Cresthill Middle School – 9195 Cresthill Lane, HR
  Castle Rock Middle School – 2575 Meadows Blvd., CR 
  Mountain Ridge Middle School – 10590 Mountain Vista Ridge, HR
  Ranchview Middle School – 1731 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy., HR
  Rocky Heights Middle School – 11033 Monarch Blvd., HR 
  Sierra Middle School – 6651 Pine Lane Ave., Parker
  Sagewood Middle School – 4725 Fox Sparrow Road, Park

MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETIC GUIDELINES (downloadable PDF version below)


Philosophy of Middle School Athletics: All athletes will be given equitable playing time.


A.    During the first two weeks practice will consist of skill development.

B.    Each season will consist of 5 weeks of practice and games.

C.    7th & 8th grade – Six District schools will play each other once, with two geographically distant schools eliminated from the schedule.  No outside of district games will be scheduled.

D.    7th & 8th grade – Players are placed on an A, B, or C level (placed on levels based on skill).  All C teams within each school are to have equal talent. If a C team has less than five players, a player can play in more than one game. Any roster changes prior to the tournament must be approved at the building level.

E.     C Teams only will not practice back court defense.

F.     7th graders play on 7th grade teams only; 8th graders play on 8th grade teams only.

G.    A student may play on either A or B on a competition day, not both.  Any exceptions to this rule need to be agreed upon by the ADs in both schools before the games begin.

H.    There will be an eight team tournament for A Teams only with a pigtail between 8th and 9th place finishers to determine final seed. Seeding will be determined first by overall record, then head to head competition.  If the teams don’t play each other, the next determination will be made by measuring wins against common opponents.  Finally, if a tie still exists, a coin flip is done at the Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership office.

I.      If a t-shirt is worn under the jersey, it will be white or light gray.

J.      District Activities/Athletic Director and the host schools are responsible for the development of a schedule and tournament guidelines.

K.    15 point rule:  no press.  If a team is 15 points ahead the official will stop the game and inform both coaches that the 15 point rule is imposed.  The rule remains in effect until the point deficit is 14 points or less.   2nd half clock remains running if the score difference is 15 or greater, except during free throws when it will be stopped.

L.     Matches will be adjusted for schools with fewer than 10 athletes on the C team.

1.       1 team vs. 2 teams:  an eight minute running clock will be used if one team plays two teams from another school.

2.       1 coach/2 teams vs. 4 teams:  expand to 8 minute quarters.  4 team school plays ½ per game, 2 games total-full court.  Officials are paid an extra $25.00

3.       1 coach/2 teams vs. 6 teams:  regroup to 4 teams and play as above.

4.       2 coaches/2 teams vs. 4 teams:  2 courts, 2 games per court (regular rules apply).

5.       2 coaches/4 teams vs. 6 teams:  play 3 sets of games, 8 min. quarters, and running clock with 1 minute stop clock the last minute of each half.

6.       2 coaches/6 teams vs. 6 teams:  same as above.

Season Games

·       A and B games are at one school site.  C games are at the other school site.

·       6 minute quarters – stop clock.

·       First Overtime-3 minute overtime stop clock- Subsequent Overtimes2 minute overtime stop clock

·       Three full time outs, two – 20 second time outs.

·       Officials needed:  two paid (1 certified, if possible), adult scorer and clock operator.

·       Home school will provide officials.

·       Six team fouls per half, seventh foul equals bonus

·       Ten team fouls per half equals two shots

·       Home team provides all balls for all teams.

All school specific coaching concerns will be referred to each coach’s school Athletic Director.

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