Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.
So glad to be back at the finest high school in the universe

Welcome to my website. This site provides the most up to date reference for what is happening in my US History class,  and my four sections of  AP Psychology. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at patrick.mcguire@dcsdk12.org

Here is a list of the various social media accounts here at Vista. They are wonderful avenues for connections to our community.

Primary Twitter Accounts

@MVHSPrincipalMW - News from Mr. Weaver

Main Facebook Account:

Facebook.com/mountainvistaonline Key Websites:

www.mountainvistaonline.org - Main Website for our Vista Community

www.vistanow.org - Student News Website
www.vistagoldeneagles.org - Athletic information –

Check out our new athletics site!

Additional Twitter:

@CounselingMVHS - Counseling news and updates @vista_now - Student News
@vista_nowsports – Student News - Sports @ADTerryMVista – Athletics

@Stage_Flight - Drama and Theater news @MV_Unit – Student Leadership and Spirit News @MVHSLibrary

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