Tours/Visitations for Educators

We welcome educators interested in seeing and understanding our model. If you are considering bringing a group of educators to Lone Tree Elementary for a tour, here is how we accommodate group visits. In order to understand how our vision and strategies are aligned and implemented a three-hour block of time is optimal:

    20-30 minutes for intros/overview
    2 hours to tour
    30 minutes for time to debrief and answer questions

Some visitors choose to arrive between 9 and 10 am, and finish before lunch while some like the idea of a morning tour, lunch across the street and coming back for a time in the afternoon for Q&As and deeper conversation. For visitors choosing the second option, we will provide you with a private space for discussion. 

Please contact Kay Tucker, Innovation Specialist, if you are interested in scheduling a visit.

Information to review prior to your visit.

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