What Sets Us Apart

Authentic Learning
We are a model based on research and the ideas of current thought leaders in education.

Personalization and Student Autonomy

We want students to have a greater voice in what and how they learn as well as more choice in how to demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills. Whether they are setting goals for personalized real-world inquiry projects, or math and literacy skills, a one-to-one conversation between student and the teacher is the forum for students to understand where they are, where they want to go, and what they need to do in order to reach their goals. We implement systems and practices that empower students with the tools and strategies to be successful in a self-directed, flexible learning environment. In all grade levels, students collaboratively co-create personalized learning plans with teachers as they align their interests, strengths, and learning styles.

Real-World Inquiry

Real-world learning has been part of our vision since we opened in 2007. It remains at the core of what we do as we empower students to learn about relevant current issues that are of personal interest to them. We immerse students in authentic experiences that place students in a context for learning that aligns with the grade-level curriculum. This sparks the interest and curiosity that leads to real-world inquiry projects. Using one framework for inquiry that spans Kindergarten through 6th grade, all students complete a yearlong project using this process. Students generate questions, understand the various pathways to obtain answers, and consider different perspectives as they produce ideas for multiple solutions to current problems.

Global Stage

To prepare future leaders for a globally connected, interdependent world, learning goes beyond the physical space of our school to a greater community. We create opportunities and encourage our students to engage in projects on a local and/or global scale. We intentionally teach the important skills needed to be able to connect to, create for, and/or collaborate with others outside our building. We encourage students, to reach out to experts outside of our building in order to gain a better understanding of current day experiences and issues. All classrooms have a variety of digital tools for students to utilize as needed, and we take advantage of virtual spaces to expand the possibilities for learning.