Wish List

We know not everyone will be able to donate items all the time. That is ok.  Here are some items you may already have laying around your house that you may want to part with and we will use in the classroom. 

We are always in need of these items;
glue sticks, 
clear/white school glue, 
play dough and flubber ingredients (flour, salt, and liquid starch).  
Dry erase crayons   
Stickers any kind

Items we will recycle for you:
Old xrays for dramatic play
Arts and craft supplies:
              glitter, confetti, pipe cleaners, beads, felt, foam pieces, stickers
Tubes any size card board or plastic
Keys any size
Padlocks with keys
Calendars with pictures
Egg Carton 
Bottle caps of any size or color – clean
Paper towel tubes
Empty containers:
        butter tubs, tubes from chips (Lays, Pringles), seasoning containers, 
Small plastic action figures/princesses/animals/cars (McDonald happy meal toys)

Games for the classroom
(new or gently used items)

-Preschool Board games: 
           Jr Trouble, Jr Sorry, Lucky Duck, Barn yard Bingo
-Hola hoops
-Pool noodles
-Plastic cones 

-Book wish list
 Snowmen at Night by: Caralyn Buehner
 Dinos on the go by Karma Wilson
 When the Leaf Blew in By: Steve Metzger
 I dreamt I was a Dinosaur By: Stella Blackstone
 Big Al By: Andrew Clements
Any books on Cowboys and Rodeos
Any books on Colorado
Any books on Space, Ocean, Zoo, Animals
Any books on Jobs, Community helpers
Any books with popular characters: Star Wars, Pete the Cat, Paw Patrol
Books can be fiction or non fiction books, new or gently used

Messy Table fun
Large bag of Mulch
Large bag packing peanuts
Large bag of dirt
Large bag of Flour