Opening Circle:

Preschoolers learn to sit in a group with others; they are exposed to new vocabulary through familiar songs.  Music encourages memorization, imitation and language development.  Children learn the names of their classmates and learn to use a choice board to choose the songs they will sing.  

Table Time/ Obstacle Course:

Preschoolers check in, and then participate in simple table activities and obstacle course.  This gives them some warm up time and helps to bridge the transition from home to school.  It is a time to enhance gross and fine motor skills.  Children go through an obstacle course, which not only develops balance, muscle tone, coordination and motor planning, but also helps stimulate and/ or calm the body in order to sit and focus.  Fine motor and sensory-motor activities help to develop the fingers and hand and to enhance pre-writing skills.  Preschoolers begin their day by interacting with their classmates.


Story Time:

During story time children practice attending in a group.  They listen to a story each day; the story is repeated for three weeks as part of the literature based curriculum.   With the repetition children begin to memorize, predict, re-tell, learn new vocabulary, answer questions and learn sequencing.  Children learn the names of their classmates and learn to use a choice board to choose the center in which they will play.  The children learn to make decisions practice thinking skills, and one-one- word correspondence while they are making their plans for center time.


Center Time:

Children choose between the areas of play that have been designed to enhance growth in all areas of development.  Most importantly children have the opportunities to develop play skills and socialization skills. 

Snack Time:

Snack provides an opportunity to use conversational skills and again use language for socialization and to request items or help. 


Outside Time:

Outdoor time provides children with the time practice their developing gross motor skills and enhance brain development.  They also have opportunities to play and socialize. 


Goodbye Circle:

The children come together at circle .  They sing about the calendar (children learn to count, recognize numerals, and learn about patterning through the calendar), the weather and sing a goodbye song.